Spider-man 3

Spider-man 3

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    Some kind of test to see how many people cuss you?


    Star Wars 14


    Tiki is the leet troll

    also, shouldnt spidey be on the outside and venom in the reflection?


    Fits the plot of the movie better the way it is. ‘coulda been a good movie if they hadn’t tried to do Sandman, Venom, AND Hobgoblin all in the same movie. 🙁 And if they didn’t have Topher Grace as Brock. Eddie Brock is a big, burly jock not a scrawny little dork kid. And Venom is supposed to be HUGE.

    Doctor Thompson

    don’t even remind of that movie. they got rid of three villains in like the last ten minutes. This of, course was all we ever saw of venom. The LAST 10 MINUTES.


    I’d have been much happier with the movie if they wouldn’t have given into Topher’s vanity and shown his face while he was supposed to be venom. Venom isn’t a pretty face, he’s all about needle teeth, long tongue and evil eyes. They’d have done better going with a nobody who would have been happy to do voiceover work for more of a CGI venom face.


    Sandman was very well portrayed. And I say this because he was in “Ned & Stacey”.

    That’s about it.


    They didn’t actually “get rid of” Sandman. He flew off in a cloud of sand, but he wasn’t killed off. I can see making an argument for Venom not being dead…Say, Brock got blown clear but badly injured and a fragment of the symbiote survived.


    You did see the bones left behind after the explosion, right?

    Either way, huge fail on Venom.