Palin Action Figure

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    “Jesus is Awesome! I shoot Guns! ”

    Small town values are so wonderful…ROFL


    I’m dissapointed, their Barack Obama action figure is just a Jimmie Carter repaint.


    This stereotype of American conservatives is exactly what keeps costing Democrats elections.
    You pretend to be better than everyone else. If I don’t share your views, I am backwards and unimformed. If I disagree with your policies, I must be ignorant. And still, You have the audacity to label me biggot, hypocrit, and racist. With that kind of double talk, we conservatives could nominate a pair of rodeo clowns and still smoke your asses.


    Damn, Ipwn.

    Though I agree with you.


    Oh, also….

    Whaaa! Whaaaa!!! WhaaaaaAAAA!

    Seriously, where is this sand, that somehow manages to firmly lodge itself into every left-winger on the PLANET’s vagina coming from?

    I haven’t heard this much bitching in a while.


    I’m actually a registered Republican that is voting for Obama, I think the thing is that it isn’t that all Republicans are as you say “backwards and uninformed… ignorant….bigot(s), hypocrite(s), and racist(s).” Its just that if you are those things are you more likely to vote Democrat or Republican? Oh and the last four years the white house was filled with a pair of Rodeo clowns, so yeah there you are right.


    Some liberals will imply conservatives are backwards, uninformed, ignorant and rednecks, etc…and some conservatives will imply that liberals are tree hugging, granola eating, animal loving vegans that wants the whole world to be gay. Neither are true for most people and it’s ridiculous that we keep these “divisions” going strong. We’re screaming bullshit at each other via megaphone rather than talking to each other. Rant over.


    8 years…. actually.

    I will not get into this mudslinging either, the politicians are doing that enough…

    tiki god

    if you are registered Republican then you are by definition a racist. There is zero doubt: if you subscribe to the republican ideology, you are a racist.

    If you’re either a Democrat or independant then you are a true american and not a piece of shit like the GOP fuckups that are invading our country.



    I did not say Republican. Repukelicans are as bad as Emocrats.

    I said Conservitave. I believe my government should protect me from enemies, both foreign and domestic, then get the hell out of my way so that I may persue the American dream. Nothing more. That is what true conservatism is.



    I consider myself a liberal, but I am compelled to vote republican only because of the pathetic nominees of the democratic party. In the words of Zell Miller. “I did not leave the democratic party. The democratic party left me.”


    I am not registered to any party. Life it better that way. The media/everyone focuses on the extremes of both parties/ ideologies and the only voice that matters is in the middle. But is never or rarely heard.


    Hey uh Tiki, isn’t/wasn’t Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) a member of the KKK?


    If that’s true, Abno, I’d bet that Byrd was a member of the KKK the same way your average, business-owning German male was a member of the Nazi party.


    Well Mike, if you don’t believe me, look it up. Ah hell, I suppose I could give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, if some some guy from Illinois with a D next to his name can manage to miss over 20 YEARS of racism from a “dear friend for many years”, then I suppose Byrd could have just as easily been naïve when it came to being a judge of a person’s character. That IS the point you were trying to make, isn’t it, Mike? That people can associate with extreme racists and not know it? Otherwise,… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    There’s a thin line between stereotype and factual correlation. If I say that all republicans are ignorant rednecks, that’s a stereotype. If I say that Republican voters predominantly have no college education, work unskilled jobs and don’t practice modern family planning; that’s a fact.


    Byrd is older than dirt. He is a democrat and he was a member of the kkk, back in the day. Prior to Lyndon Johnson and the passing of the civil rights bill the democratic party had been the party of the south (pro slavery, Lincoln was a republican). When Johnson signed the civil rights bill he was reported to say “We have lost the South for a generation.” Basically political parties did a 180 in the 60s.


    I have a college education, and I’ve been a satellite communications tech, an electronic security systems installer, a repairman for Beretta USA, and on the low end of recent jobs, a cable man. Everyone I know that votes Libertarian/Conservative has, or is in the process of getting their Bachelor’s degree, both my parents graduated from nursing school in the top of their class, and I’m currently looking for a four-year college attend in another couple of semesters. Three of my friends from high school have law degrees, and one is working on her Master’s. (Fucking lawyers…) Basically, unless I know… Read more »


    This should put some sort of end to it, unless you don’t care about real facts


    the difference between democrats and republicans, from a canadian viewpoint! ready?

    – democrats try to help people and urge them to think for themselves.

    – republicans make laws to suit themselves and then make it illegal to disagree with them.


    You mean things like affirmative action (government enforced discrimination), the Fairness Doctrine, or what happens if you go to a website like Democratic Underground, and disagree with anyone there? Hell, I know a guy that sigged a “Banned at DU” gif with pride. 😀 Or perhaps you meant things like tax cuts, small business incentives, ending slavery, and attempts to give people the tools they need to make their own way in life? Further more, it’s not party lines, it’s ideology lines nowadays. There are many with an R in front of their name that act just like those on… Read more »


    Ooh, nice find! It’s CNN, but it’ll do for this bit of SRS BSNS.

    Let’s see… By education, two groups voted in favor of Kerry…

    Those with no high school education, and those with post-grad study.

    So basically, people that couldn’t pass high school (though this might also include 18 year old seniors), and post-grad elitists voted for Kerry.

    High school/college grads, and those with “some college” chose The Letter over Frankenstein’s Monster.

    Thanks, Kilt!


    Nice find.


    Safe to say Bush has the lowest approval rating of all time and he deserves it.Discussion over!



    Oh, oh, not quite, Puul!

    You forgot to mention the Congressional approval rating: About 14%.

    “Since the start of the year, public approval of Congress has fallen from 23% to 14%, while approval of President George W. Bush has been more stable: 32% approved of the job he was doing in early January versus 31% today, with a range of just 28% to 34%.”

    Oh, and those identifying themselves as Democrats that approval of this Nancy Pelosi Congress?


    NOW the discussion’s over. 😀

    tiki god

    if you are registered Democrat then you are by definition a racist. There is zero doubt: if you subscribe to the democrat ideology, you are a racist.

    If you’re either a Republican or independant then you are a true american and not a piece of shit like the godless liberal fuckups that are invading our country.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Are those the same exited polls that declared that Kerry was the winner? Remember that? They had to go back and “fix” the polls after the official results came in.
    Exit polls have 3 problems:
    1) Selection bias
    2) Lying on purpose,saying what the they think the pollster wants to hear, eg Bradley effect
    3) “Lying” by accident, eg AbNo who thinks that install cable boxes is a skilled job that requires an education.


    So heres the thing with Congress approval numbers, people like to leave out the fact that congress rarely has numbers above 50 percent, they are the crap on of political offices, check this out if you don’t believe me:

    People who make comments without proof are as good as evangelicals in my book, go flying spaghetti monster!!