obama beats the shit out of mccain

obama beats the shit out of mccain

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    With his sense of humor.


    …with his sense of humor.




    Hit the geezer!


    Knock the geezer out!


    Sorry about the spam a) got excited b) kind of missed the moderation c) my generation has no patience for anything, you know that. d) thought it was my computer

    As you can tell I am really sorry. lol


    He would hit him, but he can’t decide.


    Puulaahi need to lrn2comment


    No way mccain would smoke him. He’s got a silver spoon up his bunghole and mccains been in war he knows some shit nukka !


    You’d bet on the guy who:

    1.) Might die.

    2.) Was a pilot, who crashed five times.

    3.) Can’t lift his arms above his shoulders.

    If the two were to fight in their primes, then I’d give McCain the odds. But not now… not now…


    I’d bet on the guy who knows how to use a gun. You don’t have to raise your arms above your shoulders to blast a cap in someone’s family jewels.

    Luke Magnifico

    I’d bet on obama.

    1) Obama has the power of transfiguration. He’d merely change the gun into some kind of caulk dispenser.

    2) Also, he can kill you with his brain.


    If Obama had the power of transfiguration, why can’t he transform himself into a decent speaker when his teleprompter dies? Or at least into an ‘inhalator’ so he doesn’t have to make that stupid puff movement in front of his face to show what he’s talking about…


    Um… Obama’s got a silver spoon in his ass? I think you need to check your history son.

    McCain would no choice but to settle back and let his Government Run Health Care nurse him back.


    McCain would have a flashback to Nam and go ape shit spider monkey crazy on his pencil neck muslim ass!


    Naw, given McCains 1500+ page medical record, I’m guessing the first punch would kill him…

    tiki god

    as you’ll notice, there are ZERO comments on the link you provided. Apparently everyone but you can notice that the idea you’re presenting is full of shit. You’ll also notice that he’s talkign to the audience during the entire time and not talking off a telepromter.

    This is exactly like the Dean Scream in that you’re only getting about 1/3 of what’s really going on, and only fucking morans believe that it was what the media ultimately said it was.

    aka you’re an idiot.


    I heart you too, Tiki! xoxoxo

    If someone can’t put together a coherent sentence when he’s a little sleep deprived, I don’t want him answering the phone at 3AM. Hell, I’d rather have you answering the phone at 3AM, drunk as usual, than a slightly sleep-deprived Obama.


    Oh, and I consider the Dean Scream a classic example of madness, almost as classic as the Wilhelm Scream. Thank GOD he’s out of the running forever and ever.

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