Grand theft auto Birthday Cake

Grand theft auto Birthday Cake

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    sweet. when this kid carjacks and kills someone when he’s 12, we all know what to blame!


    It looks like they shopped out the number in front of the “4”, the spacing is weird


    The spacing is not weird, they just wanted the “Happy 4th” to span the entire picture.


    I swear I’ve seen one that says 14 that could be the original, but Google says otherwise.


    Could just be the cake artist trying to centre the letters nicely over the picture. Still, some kids like things without fully understanding what’s going on. My 5 year old niece doesn’t understand why her mom won’t let her watch Family Guy & CSI.


    If that was really for a four year old… I have to say meh.

    That’s the one video game that I don’t let my son play (that he’s expressed interest in).

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Good. He should be playing GTA4 or the other kids will fuck his ass up.

    I play online all the time and there’s tonnes of kids playing these games. The world will not change. Still stupid? Try reading up on Gerbner’s research on lasting effects of media.


    @AgZed Now that raises an interesting question. Assuming you are implying that your niece likes Family Guy and CSI, did anyone ever try to find out what exactly it was about Family Guy and/or CSI that she liked? The funny stuff? The unethical stuff? The violence? And then use that as a way to broach the discussion of what is good and bad about it? Kinda seems like a wasted learning experience to me… In my mind, the real question is whether prohibition is necessarily a good solution for ignorance. I understand it would be more work, to actually talk… Read more »

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