They see me rolling- They Hatin

They see me rolling- They Hatin

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    Let me be the first to say… OM NOM NOM


    Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    My music so loud
    I’m swangin
    They hopin that they gon catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty
    Tryin to catch me ridin dirty


    I predict that the comments in this thread will become very angry very quickly.


    Of course they’re hating. That wheelchair could’ve gone to someone legitimately crippled, instead of someone pwned by their own refusal to put the goddamn fork down.

    You’ve never experienced fatty hate until you see one shove an old lady out of the way at Wal-Mart in order to get the last scooter-cart, driving off with a smile on their face like they just did something to be proud of.

    : so what? Sometimes anger is justified.


    inb4 americans are all fat


    I want to go and poke her with a broomstick. Seriously, what is she going to do?


    Wait that’s a her?
    I could swear that is a guy.


    +20 internetz for rolling my personal prejudices all into one meme-laden photo.
    fat, Southern USA, and a rap reference to boot.
    Slap a cigarette in there, wrap it(gender unimportant)in a pro-wrestling T-shirt and add passle of squalling under-educated brats and it’s perfect.
    It turns out I AM that judgemental afterall..


    hey..this is john goodman


    I fuckin called it man.


    Rule 34


    I will never understand how people that fat can live with themselves.


    These people are some strange kind of victims. And about the US, in this day and age, in the most powerful country in the world, where huge companies spend a fortune on developing new brainwashing ads, nasty drug-food, etc. I think it’s tough NOT to be fat in the US. And those foods also change people’s dna.So the stupid become more stupid, and the intelligent become more intelligent. We’re a society of extremes. The only thing that pisses me off, is when obese people defend their obesity. A woman doesn’t have to weigh 200 pounds to look like a ‘real’ woman. blergh


    There’s no way to tell gender at that size, mostly because no one is willing to do what it takes to find out. I’m guessing that’s a tad more than 200lbs, double that prolly.


    The harpoons. Man them.

    I can tell you for one that if its hard to stay thin in the US, in the majority of cases its through lack of effort (of course there’s the other extreme where people take too much effort – bulemia, etc. – but that’s a separate issue). Even if there are “brainwashing ads, nasty drug-food” its not that hard to stay away from them, and even if you don’t stay away from them, its not that hard to change little things about your lifestyle so you exercise a little more through daily routine. Hey, kill 2 birds with one stone (the ads and exercise) and just get away from TV or internet a little more often than you usually do and go outside.


    That’s a woman.

    I had a friend who was fat like that… he swam 2+ hours every day, took meds, ate well, etc etc. I don’t remember what was wrong with him but he wasn’t fat through laziness or bad diet. He was a super nice, funny guy whose life revolved fighting fat.

    I’m related to a bunch of lazy obese people and as a result am totally guilty of being prejudice of fat people but in situations of extreme obesity, such as the person in this image, I have a hard time not remembering my friend.


    Yeah, I hate the fat girls who call themselves curvy because I am an actual curvy female and I can’t say that without people thinking I’m making excuses for being fat.

    On the other hand, I do think that people are a bit too harsh about people who have some fat (not talking a LOT of fat).


    outofocus <—–porker


    actually “brain-washing” ads are pretty fuckin hard to get away from. you’d have throw out your tv completely. even watching one 30-minute show, 1/3 of that is commercials. and don’t think that if you’re in the other room or if you have it on mute, it’s not affecting you.
    going to the movie theater they have ads on the radio they play before the “previews” come on, some of which are ads themselves, and not to mention companies giving money to the ppl making the film so they can have their product in the movie.
    and then you are bombarded by billboards wherever you drive. i can’t even imagine living in a place like new york, NY… the whole street is just a gigantic billboard..
    companies advertise on busses…
    magazines are grotesquely filled with advertisements.
    grocery stores send you advertisements in the mail at least once a week.
    even recipes on boxes of food advertise specific brands to use.
    not letting yourself be affected in any way by advertising is a lot harder than you think.
    and that is my rant for the day.


    Here’s a scenario. I see an ad for a fucking shamwow. Now this thing on TV looks great. So I buy one. The Shamwow lives up to the commercial and it works well. EVIL CORPORATIONS!!! How about this scenario. I see an ad for Burger King. They’ve just come out with this new burger and it looks pretty damn delicious. I go to Burger King, buy one, and eat it. Damn, it was tasty. I wasn’t brainwashed into buying or doing anything. I wanted to to do it because I heard about the product. Quite frankily, I’m going to die from either Muslims, jews, PETA members, and people I’ve pissed off before I die of a heart attack from fast food.


    So advertising = brainwashing? I always thought advertising was a way to get customers and thus make money.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you honestly think Burger Kind is tasty, then you’re either brainwashed or your tastebuds were burned off.


    I didn’t say you could get completely away from them, nor should you try. Nor did I say stay completely away from fast foods or exercise every waking moment of every day. I said its not that hard to stay away from them, meaning that even if they are physically around you from day to day, you can stay away from them by simple things such as ignoring them or being a little absent minded about your surroundings. Most ads can be “removed” this way. And yes, I know companies try their hardest so their ads don’t get ignored. If you can’t ignore it, try to dismiss it. Many strategies that advertisers use reflect very little about their products. Humor, sex, celebrities, etc. are all suggestive strategies that are often employed that quirk people the right way but don’t offer any valuable evidence to buy a product/service. Even tactics that pretend to show support or actually do have support can be dismissed with a little logic. For instance, AT&T advertizes that they have the best coverage on global estimates. First off, I (and most people) have no idea where these estimates came from. Secondly, there’s a lot of places in the world that I don’t plan on going, and as for all the others, there’s still this thing called a payphone in existence. So even if the estimates are accurate and they have the best global coverage, I don’t really care – I just need coverage in places that I’m usually at. Lastly, just exercise a little caution whenever you buy something you usually don’t, especially if its going to become a habitual buy or a large purchase. Ads haven’t gotten to you until you actually buy the product or service.

    But anyway, long rant aside (that will probably be picked and prodded by others here) life is taken best with moderation. Not too fat, not too skinny. The only real question is what the middle actually is.


    Show some repect, she has a gland problem.

    Saliva gland that is.


    the3g_ipwn <— virgin

    I don’t have cable. I download my TV. No ads. But then, I cook at home, use my own media player (playing dloads) at the gym, use my bike to get around (no radio).

    TV becomes reality to many who spend a lot of time watching it. They end up disappointed with real life. Personally, I’m find with people being effected that way because when shit hits the fan, they’ll be the first to go.


    Yeah… that should have said, “I’m fine with people being affected that way”.

    *shuffles off*


    . Nooo, I’m pretty damn sure that some sort of health problem, (most likely cancer, heart problems, or AIDS from fucking $10 whores), will kill you before any of the other things you mentioned.


    Yea I agree, but from what I’ve seen it’s usually a result of all things together. I live in Europe, where raw unprocessed food is still cheaper than fast food. I believe that’s not the case anymore in the US?

    Haha, what are you talking about. Who thinks you’re making excuses? I’ve checked your livejournal, you look really pretty. Like a healthy woman anyway. But yea like I said, society of extremes.


    oh and

    The problem is not that they make ads for burgers and then sell you those.
    It’s when you see beautiful healthy people on tv eating burgers. Not to mention that it’s not a fucking burger you will get, but a chemical ridden bomb of fat which will cost you several years of your life. But hey! At least it tastes ‘good’.

    Same goes for coke. Oh look, here have some cleverly packaged caffeine, it will make you more socially acceptable and all these sexy people will want to hang out with you.

    I beg your pardon, but to think that, that’s honest


    I’m sorry, but the, ‘society said I should look this way so I have an eating disorder’ excuse can only go so far. People are stupid sheep to a point, but there has to be a level of personal accountablility. It has become far too common for every damn person to blame OCD, abuse, genetics, etc. for all their problems instead of saying…’hmmm, I’m a sentient being with a few brain cells to rub together, maybe I should do what’s good for me instead of shoving food, drugs, booze, etc into my piehole’. Where does it end and responsibility, accountability and maturity start? When do we grow up as a species and take ownership of our actions?




    In truth some people cannot change their body they are born into. It is a matter of mind over body.

    Some people are strong willed and some are not, because of either their own decisions or the life that they were thrust into.

    It is very easy to laugh at someone unlucky or not like you. Just keep in mind, that could be you. Sometimes it takes a stronger person to see past the flesh and see what really matters, CHARACTER and how you treat your fellow human being shows more about who you are then were your paycheck ever will!


    @dieAntagonista – you know how it is when people get behind the screen… they turn into haters.

    When all my ribs are showing I’m about 150-155lbs and am in the middle of the “average” sizes 10-14 (which are sizes that many consider people “fat”). I’m a little heavier than that currently due to some stupid shit going on in my life (that has nothing to do with over eating) so I don’t consider myself under the “curvy” label right now but people still compliment me on the light rail so I must be doing okay. hahaha.

    Anyway, my point is… there are a LOT of people who have very unrealistic ideas as to how people should look. At my thinnest (e-coli was NOT my friend), (145lbs, ribs showing, hip bones sticking a 1/2 inch further out than my stomach when i’m standing, etc), I had men approach me in grocery stores and the place I worked (electronics store) and tell me things like, “You’d be perfect if someone took a chainsaw to those hips” or the guy I dated who said “You have a nice face but…”. Granted many more simply asked if I was a model (apparently when you look like you’re dying, you look like a model and are deserving of a lot of attention). I put on my healthy weight and I became invisible again (as an IRL introvert, i’m OK with that).

    Men say that watching porn and reading maxim doesn’t affect the way they look at women and for some that’s definitely true but considering the fact that those things have a huge effect on the way that women look at themselves, I can’t see how men remain unaffected. Add in all the other sources of visuals of what the “ideal” human is supposed to look like…

    Admittedly, part of me is glad that men are getting the pressure as well now but honestly, I’d rather see some diversity in American media. I love watching British TV because the actors are often much more REAL looking.

    Obesity is a real problem but the other side of the coin is also a problem. I wish people would take BOTH more seriously.

    (ok that was long… and tmi but eh… )


    i’m a little drunk so this might be incoherent rambling at this point.. lol..
    but what i hate about advertising is that good quality stuff from awesome people often gets overlooked because they can’t bombard your face with reminders all day, because they actually charge a reasonable price for their stuff and don’t have a lot of money left over for advertising. if you’re not already rich and but you have good products, good prices, and good intentions, chances are you still won’t “make it.”

    SO instead of people concerned about quality and customer service and I don’t know, all the other good shit, people are focused on what the best way to make the highest possible profit is.

    And yeah sure you can use some logical thought process in order not to buy stupid shit, but advertisers purposely make it confusing and difficult to compare prices or really figure out what the price is actually supposed to be. And not to mention americans think they have absolutely no time, i mean just drive on the highway, everyone is going as fast as possible and they want to fucking kill you if you get in the way. how does a working parent have time to research every buy they are about to make?

    i mean, if advertising didn’t work REALLY well, i doubt $150 BILLION would be spent on it in the US alone in a year.

    the whole concept of corporate advertising is to grab your attention and then deceive you into believing you NEED their piece of shit product – not just want, fucking NEED – so that they can laugh all the way to the bank. and then continue to make even worse products than they did originally using mexicans and sweat shops in third world countries.


    The one good thing about all of that is that for those of us who are smart shoppers… geeking out is just THAT much better.

    I do not personally understand how mass marketing can make a person buy something they don’t want/need but that’s only because I’m not affected by it. It must be working … look at the Ipod.


    I love diet commercials. I had to pause my DVR, get up and walk to my 47″ HDTV until I was 6″ away just to read the tiny disclamer that flashes by on the NutraSystem ad.

    “Results not typical. Weight lost on previous exercise plan.”

    Apparently you can advertise anything as long as you admit that you are completely full of shit in itty bitty writing.


    hah your other comment was a repost

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