Christianity – Makes Perfect Sense

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    HAHAHA.. Perfectly put!


    Well since you put it like that……HEY! I WANT MY GODDAMN TITHE BACK YOU LYING BITCHES!




    Christianity was inwented by the Romans. And by invented, I mean stolen. Romans stole everything. I wouldn’t follow a religion invented by a thief empire.


    I am going to feel much better after I insult Christians on the net!!!!!!!!!!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Why would a Christian be insulted by this? It’s what they believe.


    this is not what christianity is about

    Alec Dalek

    Hepathos is right. All the books of the new testament were written by people not alive yet when the events therein happened.


    The New testament is a compilation of approved theology put together at the behest of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century to consolidate and bring together a single Christian theology. As Hepathos said, Christianity was invented/created by the Romans. Prior to this, there was no bible. There were probably hundreds of Christian/Jewish sects and the in-fighting was incredible. So much so, that non-Christians weren’t concerned by christianity, saying they were going to kill each other off w/out any help from w/out.


    I can relate Kidy, but I always felt better after shooting at muslims. This method of insulting others of different faiths on the internets is not as satisfying, but it’s better than doing nothing at all, I guess.


    Alec, Nyoki, you two are very good at mixing bullshit with legitimate facts, so as to make your bullshit look more valid, it disgusts me. Yes, many aspects of Christianity were standardized by the Council of Nicaea, but go read yourself some Iranaeus: You’ll find that all of the basics of Orothodox/Catholic Christianity were established by that time (second century – he died over 100 years before Constantine). You’ll also find that his version of the New Testament is about the same as what you’ll find now. I’m willing to bet – and I have read the New Testament carefully… Read more »


    *scholarship = textual analysis, sorry.


    Erg, ‘AD’ as well. I’m going to make a cup of coffee.

    My point still fucking stands


    @Caio I think you misread my post or I haven’t made myself clear. It was Constantine who directed that a bible (of sorts) be put together. I never said that the Gospels that finally ended up as the New Testament was new to Christians. I’m guessing that that the reason we got what we got is that it was probably already the belief of many at the time. I am not Christian and claim no major knowledge of the history of belief among Christians or any other religion, for that matter. There’s zero reason to attack me. I’m not sure… Read more »


    No, he didn’t. Constantine was barely interested in theology except that he supported Anathasius and called councils at his, and his mother’s request. I’m telling you: the New Testament reached it’s present form before he was born. I think you are confusing the fact that the Bible was a Greco-Roman (as opposed to) creation with the influence of Constantine. Where are you getting this from? Socrates he Historian? Sozomen? Eusebius? I’ve read them all, mainly in the Greek, and have found no reason to think what you’re saying is true. On the other hand, Iranaeus’ picture of the Bible fairly… Read more »


    Athanasius, typo.


    I’m sure you’re right. That does not excuse your behavior.

    tiki god

    religion is for the weak of mind, no doubt about it.