Purple America

purple_america_2004.gif (207 KB)

County by county

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    Why are a few of the counties in Ct & Ri colored black?

    Alec Dalek

    Because they don’t bother voting as it’s just a formality and the president is decided by some guy in a sweater.


    No, it’s some guy in a shack on a backwater planet. He lives alone with a cat and is totally nuts.

    ……..read the Hitchhikers’ series, philistines. :p


    At the very least this is a tad inaccurate. It shows my county as red and we’re one of the few counties in WV that consistently votes democratic…ummm well, as long as the democrat isn’t black. We’re not that evolved yet.


    Where is Alaska? Why are we always left out of these things? And stop putting us sw of Texas!


    No Hawaii either. I have a feeling they are blue and purple.We need a Purple Party President. Screw the Red and Blue people. See I said people!

    Lord Cocksworth

    I wonder, what does this map look like to the colorblind?


    This map shows voting percentage of the presidental election, not party affliation.

    WV consistently votes mostlydemocrat in all it’s offices, except of president, which it is than known as a ‘swing state’. Maryland, my home, is firmly entrenched in the Democrat party and our high taxes are a great indicator of what happens in a single party state.


    i’m 100% neither.


    Jesus Christ you can literally see the bible belt in bright red.


    fairfield and middlesex? county’s in CT are black…?