EPIC Sign Held up at McCain RNC Speech

cant win occupation.jpg (48 KB)

It’s true

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    Actually, you can. Been done plenty of times.


    Especially when it’s more of a Tampon than an occupation.

    Just trying to keep the bloodshed contained.


    mother fucker should have been pushed off the balcony maybe he would’ve kill some of the idiots yelling USA


    You dont “win” an occupation. You win a war. An occupation is a prolonged effort at restoring order in an anarchic society.

    Fucking idiots


    It’s not a war.. it’s not an occupation… it’s empire building and it starting to provoke the world’s rogue nations.


    Good thing we have Elepski here to explain to us the intricacies of our objective over there.


    I wonder if McCain is Pro – 8th Tour of Duty?


    – “idiots” Very true. There is an *organization* of *anarchists* protesting at the RNC. Any self proclaimed anarchist that is a part of an organization is an idiot.


    He running for a position as president, not a job!


    Puulaahi he did more than 8 tour in his cell, and kept his honor!


    I know! He reminds me every time he speaks. Last I checked politicians don’t have honor. It’s the dirtiest job there is.


    Idiots like you are why I fear for humanity at times.

    Anarchy is the idea that all forms of government interfere unjustly with individual liberty and should be replaced by voluntary associations of cooperative groups.

    Feel free to claim otherwise, but until you’ve done some research, you come across as an idiot to those of us that know what we’re talking about.


    Ok, Captain Cynical… why don’t you tell us why we are there and what the objective is? Because we already know the truth behind the “WMD” that Suddam had.


    Ignorant college kid who is an idealist is ignorant.

    Alec Dalek

    Hey Yanks, enjoy your new Vietnam. At least it’s killing off the ‘D’ students.


    Will someone PLEASE fuckin’ tell me what course in running a nation they teach in a vietnamese prison camp? For the love of Christ, will people please stop bringing his POW experience up every five minutes? For those of you with spouses and children, I bet you’d choose to be in a prison camp for five years than lose a wife and child like Biden did. Not that either one matter for having. the. ability. to. lead. the. nation. All you same people who now treat the fact that mcCain was a POW as if its a sign from god… Read more »