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    What the fuck.


    Oh and I forgot to mention.

    Barack Obama just finished an interview with Bill O’Reilly. It’s gonna air tonight, Sept 4th, 8PM EST on FOX News.


    Fuck yes. If I was American and didnt already want to vote for the bastard that would have pushed me over the edge. Harvey Dent is awesome. But to have a black harvey dent in real life is just fantastic.


    Yes having a harvey dent thats black is awesome. Now if only we had that instead of a fake image whore black guy it’d be great, i’d trade any day.


    There was a black Harvey Dent in the first Batman movie. (the Keeton one) He was played by none other than Billy Dee Colt .45 Lando Calrissian Williams!
    Now I hear he is in some soap opera.

    Sad, so sad.


    Aw that is so very sad. Poor fate.

    I dont see where you’re going with this, because I thought that he was a whole lot better than someone who could die, honestly, very soon and a completely inexperienced woman. But thats just what I thought.


    what would be really neat is if this happened. optimistic popularist candidate barack obama wins the election, then some crazed hillary or mccain supporter flings acid at him. then he becomes a president who flips a coin to decide weather to bomb somewhere, veto something, raise/lower taxes, etc.


    Isn’t that how the major decisions of the past few years were made?


    only in ohio


    He barely has any more experience then she does but she agrees with less radical policies. I think it’s a pretty good idea to keep the status quo, the best country in the world has always worked in a capitalist form and offered opportunity, once you start messing with that for “equal rights” you’re just taking those same rights away from us and money at the same time.

    Don’t fix whats not broken, its what i say. Go fix the military, thats what.


    HAHAHAHAHAAAAA. Whew. That was funny.


    Hm he said he wants to tax corporations and businesses and distribute the money to the population. Hey this reminds me of the 2 first years of Clinton when he passed the single highest tax increase in a long time (was it in history? I might be wrong on that one) and things got so bad we voted a really conservative congress for… 8 or 10 years? i forget.

    And no thanks for Universal health care. I’ll gladly work for my money, i don’t need you to take it from people who earned it because i can’t do better. I’ll work hard for it. It’s the way things are.


    Yeah… how dare we raise taxes to pay our debts. GODDAMN COMMIES!!!!!! I’d rather the country go bankrupt and we turn over our assets to the Chinese than suffer a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans.


    I prefer an openly evil politician rather than any questionable “good” politician. so I will probably vote for a two-faced-evil obama rather than the regular two faced obama(wich stands for mcain too). ups my vote doesnt coutn am chinese.


    I would hope that after Obama’s win in November that all of the Republicans would kill themselves in their grief. That would really send a strong message to the libs. DO IT FAGGOTS!


    She was a mayor of a small town of about 10000 in Alaska for a few years and then governor for 2. Thats a whole lot more experienced than Obama. By the by, I have three words to argue.
    America. Is. Crap.
    And more words to straighten that out. America is not what its made out to be by, well, Americans.


    I like all this talk about experience.

    America has already had a president whose only experience was being a lawyer, serving in a state senate, one term in Congress, and a bunch of really good speeches.

    Can anybody name him?

    And if you can, please tell us how bad a president he was…


    I’m new here but DAMN these threads go cut throat Bi-partisan fast!

    “He barely has any more experience then she does but she agrees with less radical policies.”

    While we likely fall in the same place on political issues, I don’t see how considering a person who dissagrees with any oppinion as radical or another of many misnomers doled out by both parties during this campaign, solidifies said oppinion.


    Like that Lee Greenwood guy sang in that song: “I’m proud to be Un-American.”



    Tell me, what country are you from and what makes is so much better than mine?


    Lincoln was an excellent president in my book, but that’s not the opinion of many, many Americans.



    I am new here too. The election is in November, it’s September. You are surprised?


    “the best country in the world has always worked in a capitalist form and offered opportunity”
    So has America.


    Holy crap…… I can’t belive how many of you “sheep” are out there actually intertaining the thought of voteing for this clown. He literally couldn’t get elected in my home town of Chicago until he agreed to be a puppit of the Chicago political machine. Now he’s just makeing alot of political promises that can never be passed through the house. Or if they did pass, would be catastrophic for our country.

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