More “Fanboys” pics

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Kristen Bell
and then the fanboys van and the bumperstickers that are going to be on there.
Set your calenders for september 19

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    tiki god

    set sail for fail. I hear it was rewritten several times and barely resembles the movie it was originally shot as.


    Fuck Star Wars! There I said what had to be said.


    Which one was she? She wasn’t Luke’s mom that was th balk chick. And I’m pretty sure she wasn’t Leia that was Carrie fisher. Where there any other girls in Star Wars I don’t remember? The one in the Rebel base that showed them how to destroy the Death Star one of those times? If it was her then she has aged backwards


    incest is best


    What the hell are you on about? Kristen Bell plays a character in the movie, one of the fans of Star Wars, not a person from Star Wars.


    Caio = epic fail of epic proportions.

    Luke Magnifico



    Comes out on DVD in November. Theatrical release is contractual obligation — don’t expect to see it too many theaters…


    The new script with the “lolnerdfights” and “nerdy girl look look” jokes just sound horrible. Also, i bet in the end, they will meat Lucas in his home, and sat down together to wach the movie. And they will like it. The end.

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