Little GTO

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1968 Pontiac GTO

So the starter went out in my car, so while I pine for my baby, I decided to look up some more muscle car porn to distract myself. I though this be a certainly nice one to share.

The 1968 GTO was probably one of the baddest looking cars ever to be made. Imagine driving through the desert, middle of nowhere, and this monster is trailing you. You know your car can’t outrun it.

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    I’m going to assume that if I’m being chased by this thing, that means I’m in the latest rendition of The Fast and The Furious.

    Really bad career move on my part.


    I like my brother’s 67 goat better.


    when you run, im assuming you mean through sheer speed, because my god, most vehicles can out fuel it, this thing would go through gas faster than a fucking drunk guzzles booze


    More of a Chevy guy: 1967 Camaro or a 1968 Chevelle.


    Uh, it’s just an awesome car. Nothing unique or exceptional.


    LOL FMS… Though I will shamelessly admit I am waiting in breathless anticipation for tftf4…

    Also: I love the lines on these beasts…

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