French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2000

french-quarter-sacha-657502-xl.jpg (345 KB)

Shot in infrared, New Orleans’ French Quarter seems bathed in blue early one morning. The oldest neighborhood in the city, the quarter is a national historic landmark and a popular tourist destination.

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    tiki god

    Eh. I hated the city when I was there, seemed broken down and dirty.

    And that was a year or 3 before Katrina, so I can imagine how bad it is now


    Places like the French Quarter are pretty much back to “normal,” but you’re right. The place really is just one big cesspool.


    Not a very exciting photograph…guess it was put up because it has the yellow rectangle on it? IR photography isn’t exactly rare or difficult, either.

    Anywho – my impression from 3 visits to N.O. is that yes, it is a big cesspool, and that is the point of going there. Wonderful place where you can be yourself.


    flood detected: file discarded


    this is very clearly not shot in infared.

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