Why I watched the Olympics

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United States’ Shawn Johnson waves after competing in the women’s balance beam final of the artistic gymnastics event of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing on August 19, 2008.

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    Born January 19, 1992. Just saying.


    heh, too bad shes like 16


    beat me to it phil


    Alicia Sacramone was the hottest US Gymnast and of age(20). Yum yum


    Hey Shawn. I have some cheese over here for you! Idk, I think she’s pretty fugly.


    Jailbait: A person below the age of consent for sexual activity, considered as a potential sexual partner.

    Pedophile: A person who has a sexual preference for children; Adults who engage in sexual activity with children.

    For what it’s worth.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    To be pedantic, a 16 year old is not a child. And being attracted to a 16 year old is not pedophilia.


    Age of sexual consent, 16 years old in so many places….


    16 is legal in a lot of states, as well as all of Canada.



    Just tell a father that his 16 year old daughter isn’t a child, and that you intend to have sex with her. After you’re done picking up your teeth from the floor, you can rest assured that your pedantic observation has been noted.


    They seem to get sexually active without their Parent’s consent a lot…so that observation isn’t so pedantic as realistic…mind you, twenty eight was always my favorite number…


    If your under 19 shes still legal!!!!


    thank god im 17
    but then again i liked that blonde girl who got first place. she was from russia/texas


    Also, deuce

    14 is the age of consent in Canada within 3 years. If you are 18, 19, 20 etc. it is illegal.


    We read the act over a few beers, we’re all over 55…it has so many holes that it never really gets enforced…unless of course there’s abuse…



    Um, yeah — that’s why you don’t tell her father. Duhhhhhh…..

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    And when his dumb ass is doing to time for assault, I’ll be making time with his daughter. Any parent who expects their 16 year old daughter to be celibate is retarded. Just ask Sarah Palin.


    Lookit’ her thighs.


    so……… you like 12 year old boys????


    Doing time? WTF? If some father kicked your ass for fucking around with his daughter, you’d be LUCKY if got as much as a ticket. Seriously, are you even out of high school yet?


    Buddy, this is Canada not the Far west, you’ll get booked for battery and assault…


    Booked, maybe…

    Convicted by a Jury of your Peers?

    Not Bloody Likely.


    Reply: a link on MCS that you click to communicate with someone without having to type out “@Name.”

    Just thought I should leave that here.


    I smell a lot of wishful thinking here.


    She’s still cute.


    : Given that nowadays people go to jail for shooting at people who are robbing their house, he’d likely wind up doing time for assault, be forced to attend anger management classes, and have his wages garnished to pay for your mental & emotional damage, while being vilified on Digg, Reddit, et al, for trying to interfere with young love. Welcome to the future, ain’t it great?

    That being said, 16 years old is awful close to “young enough to be my kid” age, so while she is kinda cute, I will neither om nor nom, and will instead complain about my hip and go yell at the kids to get off my lawn.


    Best answer yet agzed.



    In the UK the legal age is 16. There are countries outside the US and North America y’know. You may be over there, but we can all see and hear what idiot was elected.


    shit cavemen did it when they were 4 so i’d hit it, ask the geico guy if he’d hit it.


    oh yeah and, 10$ of any denomination says shes in back door sluts 9 by the time london comes around.


    You owe me $10 Dollars.


    Wrong, it was 14 in Canada till about 4 months ago, which was when they raised it to 16….Even so, its always been to within 2 years, not 3. So anything under 16 in Canada is jailbait PERIOD. Since this one is 16, if your 16/17/18 its completely legal.
    Oh ya, except anal. Anal is only legal for 18+


    Point: Down here in New Zealand, 16 is legal. I’d hit that…once i somehow kidnapped her and got her through several customs stations at international airports that is..

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