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    The town of Juneau really is THE definition of ‘out in the sticks’. So what do you expect them kids to do?


    Unlimited free adds for the Democratic Party.Welcome to MCS!


    She’s cute. I can see why she’s pregnant. I’d hit it… over course, I’d have the jimmie cap on.

    tiki god

    if anyone were to submit images that were making fun of the dems, and were funny they’d get posted. But for fuck’s say, the GOP is just handing this shit out on a silver platter.


    Lots of horny teenagers in Juno. GOP is full of hypocrites. Even more than the Dems.


    Her babies father is probably someone who will be around(when it comes public who it is) longer than Obamas father was…


    Man, how pissed off with John McCain must Levi Johnston be? He’s all, “Oh, shit, I knocked up the governor’s daughter!” Then, “Oh wait, it’s Alaska, no one cares.” Five months later, BOOM! Future mommy-in-law becomes VP candidate, and all of a sudden this guy’s face is plastered on TV screens across the country, newspeople are shoving mics in his face, and people are digging through his MySpace to see how 18-year old males feel about becoming fathers.

    Yeah, I bet he’s just thrilled.


    Must take a lot of bravery to pick on a seventeen year old girl. I’m glad our news media is so brave.

    In other news: I really don’t care.


    fuck bravery, the bitch is a dumb whore. wrap it up you little slut.


    I clearly stated 2 months ago to please stop posting stupid shit about this stupid movie juno it FUCKING SUCKED. It was not that big the only place you can find anything about it on the internet is here. God damnit who is the bastard that keeps posting this shit.

    btw here is my proof comment #14

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