Google Chrome

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    Morphball comment is win


    I’m using it right now and it seems to work really well. The cool thing is that it loaded all of my bookmarks and stuff from Firefox automatically. Not sure if that’s normal. I don’t install new browsers very often.


    I just started using it pretty much right now. I’m still trying to figure out if it has a feature like Firefox did where you can have a row of tabbed shortcuts above your browser for certain sites. Have you figured out if it has anything like that?

    tiki god

    that’s normal for the course, they all offer you an easy way to port over to their creations

    yep. mine were ported over automagically.

    also: it chokes on my BoA ‘portfolio’ screen, doesn’t have plugins yet, but otherwise is a speedy browser. I’ll keep it installed to test code on, but I doubt I’ll be switching anytime soon, at least till they get a ‘down them all’ plugin for Chrome



    The bookmarks imported fine and everything, I’m just talking about the little feature Firefox had where you could tab shortcuts to websites above your address bar.


    It ported all my shortcut tabs as well as my bookmarks.


    Does it have anything like noscript? Because fuck it if no.


    Yeah, I want NoScript and I want AdBlock. And I’m thinking FlashBlock would be good as well.

    My scroll wheel is jumping chunks instead of lines too, don’t know if that’s just me or they intended it that way.

    The other thing I hate is that it seems to be using the old Google Cache, the one where it ignores your host file, and if things aren’t already in it’s cache (like today’s pictures) it takes a hell of a long time for those to load.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    its worked fine for me all day. I grabbed it right at 11 PST (a little after actually).


    But will it take off?

    tiki god

    that’s exactly what I’m talking about. FF calls them the “bookmarks toolbar”. Chrome just moved it over and now I have it there. there’s an option somewhere in chrome to hide that information though


    Isn’t that Simon?


    Too bad they don’t have AdBlock Plus for Chrome.


    I choose you Google!!


    Its in BETA, so get over the fact it doesnt have add-ons like NoScript or Adblock yet. Read the google comic on it to find out how it does stuff – really clever how they’ve melded all the good elements of every browser into one.

    I think its one of the most user friendly browsers I’ve ever used. The incognito window is great, as everything in it or to do with it is deleted as the window is closed.

    Don’t forget, its BETA. There WILL be bugs or sites it doesnt render. The whole point of a BETA is to test and report bugs. If you dont like that, either dont complain or dont install yet.


    It looks like it has a lot of potential, but am I going to let any dickhead who can shell out for domain run any script they want on my computer without my consultation? No fucking way. My computer is my expensive baby, and I got to care for it cuz I can’t afford a new one every few months homes.


    @Tiki & Nyokki

    Hmm…then I just really have no idea what I’ve done. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling to see if the shortcut tabs transfer over, but to no avail. Oh well.

    I still really like Chrome, especially its somewhat minimalistic design.


    no os x port fuck you too google.

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