Military Image Dump (112)

Military Image Dump (112)

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    CS gas = no fun, unless you’re watching other people get gassed. Then, it’s just hilarious.


    I remember that. I was there. Took a little while to get it out of your system. The 1 1/2 mile run help with that.


    No. These people are smart. They are not getting any of it in their system, which is why they have the masks on. Only the idiots who choose to take off the masks and do push ups in the chamber after all the smart ones leave end up getting it in their systems. The funny thing is that they think it makes them cool that they subject themselves to such punishment….. This is, of course, unless you’re in basic training. In which case you’re fucked and you have to get it in your system. It does a good job of… Read more »


    At first glance, out of the corner of my eye, it looked like the guys on the right were one fat guy turned backwards and not wearing any pants.


    Yes, the instant cure for the recruit crud..


    i was at Ft Sill in August of ’93 for my BT

    Drill Sgt. Fulton was in the chamber with no mask on

    i thought he was stupid, but everyone thought he was a badass


    all these soldiers are dead, and some baptist church is protesting their faggot funerals.

    god bless america. sending young men to die for government self-interest since the 1960’s.


    My battle buddy was not affected by it like the rest of us were. The only thing it made him do was burp, very loudly and uncontrollably. This of course resulted in the rest of us laughing hysterically on top of coughing, puking, and trying to fight our way to the door. The drill instructor was to busy laughing to be bothered by us trying to get out.



    you might not have gone through basic where some of us went. In Ft. Knox, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of our MOPP gear, we were instructed to remove the mask after we were in the chamber for a minute.

    needless to say, pandemonium set in not too long afterward. “My eyes are open and my arms are flapping, Drill Sargent!” That was what we were supposed to say going out.

    We didn’t eat much chow that evening. 🙂


    Oh man it was 20 years ago and my eyes sting with the memory… ya Navy had to do it too in basic.


    I was completely willing to trust them on the effectivness of my chem gear. I remember when I took my mask off, I got half my reporting statement out and that was it. I had to wait while they reamed his ass for touching his face after he took off his mask.


    My gear worked great!

    Then I took it off and life sucked for a while. I had no idea my body could produce that much snot in that small amount of time.