Military Image Dump (1)

Military Image Dump (1)

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    That looks kinda fun. Any time I’ve ever jumped out of a perfectly good plane it’s been a lot lower than that. Though they don’t seem to be using those whatchamacallits that hook onto the plane and automagically deploy their chutes for them. What’s that all about?


    I guess their chutes automatically deploy at 1250 feet….. Do you really think they are allowed to pull their own rip chords? That’s crazy talk….


    What you’re thinking of is for the “normal” airborne jumps. That hook device you’re thinking of is called a static line and it deploys the chute instantly since those jumps usually occur at altitudes much lower than this(where it makes sense, obviously, to immediately deploy your chute).

    This jump, on the other hand,is either a HAHO(High Altitude-High Opening) or HALO(High Altitude-Low Opening). for more info.