Walmart is awesome

Walmart is awesome

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    Best summer job ever!

    Billy Manic

    inb4 fuck walmart


    I just discovered there are at least 2 different kinds of Walmart stores. They’ve just built a 2nd one near me (about 7 miles away from another Walmart store)and though I expected it to be nicer because it’s brand new, it’s more than that. it was definitely built for a different level of customer. Even the prices were higher in the new store (for same items) and had different brands. The older one was built in the middle of the city (not the best neighborhood) and the new one is right smack in the middle of sub-divisions w/ 1/2 million+… Read more »


    Walmart is far from awesome.

    Union discouraging, etc.


    The Walmart near my house is an utter shit hole. They tried cleaning it up, but as they say, you can’t polish a turd.



    You can camp in their parking lots over night legally. Helps to make vacations cheaper…


    They destroy mom-and-pop businesses!


    you might be a redneck if you’ve ever camped overnight in a walnart parking lot to save money. also, last night, i was at walnart and i saw a couple of fat nasties with several kids in tow, and one of the kids had on nothing but some fruit of the loom undies. no socks, no shirt, no nothing. just some dirty underwear. the “mother” had on a shirt that was cut under the sleeves (you know the style i am talking about), and you could see her fat rolls hanging over her underarm bra straps. i mocked them because… Read more »


    also, i typed walnart with an ‘n’ because i think it sounds better that way.

    go ahead, say it. i bet you’ll agree


    I have yet to buy anything from wal-mart. I would rather go somewhere else.


    Wal-Nart… ha ha. Yup.
    Anyhow, Wal-Nart in Canada isn’t that bad. Just indicative of the neighborhood its built in. So don’t go on the wrong side of town,… my last dance off with the “Jets” went terribly wrong…
    I’ll never stick that Arabesque…

    Alec Dalek

    Everyone complains about Wal-Mart, yet everyone shops there. Don’t forget, you vote with your dollars. If they did shut down Wal-Mart, something else would just take it’s place. Don’t blame the store blame the customers!!!


    Can one really camp/sleep (claim sanctuary) in a Wal-Mart parking lot? Just campers, or tents (backseat of car) as well? If true, my stayaction days might be over…


    I think I’ll continue to also blame Wal-Nart for what it does. It’s ridiculous to think they they are just the innocent victim in all of this. They have created a place in which poorer (and not so poor) families could buy things that had been totally out of reach previously. By the time it was clear how they made things so affordable, no one, including me, was really willing to give up all that ooh, look at that, and it’s only $ stuff. Most of us have a love/hate relationship w/ the stores we regularly shop in. I generally… Read more »

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