Visiting the hobbits

Visiting the hobbits

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    poor Frodo…


    “Fucking stupid little hobbits, ah well better get this over with. Just stay for the birthday cake then leave. Can’t see any reason I’ll have to stay any longer…”


    Mithrandir’s not a wizard; he’s a troll

    He trolled the shit out of Bilbo’s whole life

    purple banana

    Right you are, Nate. He’s a pimp for the dwarves, too. He made them and Bilbo do the bitch work by taking care of Smaug for him and getting his gold…

    Did the same with Frodo and the Fellowship when he wanted the fuckin’ One Ring destroyed. Gandalf is PIMP.


    Visiting the hobbits for surprise buttsecks!


    You’re on to something, Nate…

    When he saw that Frodo possessed the most blingingest of all the rings in Middle Earth, he knew he’d have to destroy it, for he could not live with the idea of somebody passing his level of pimpdome.

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