Superior High Rises

Superior High Rises

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    Fucking hate the city.


    I moved from NYC to West Virginia and I love it here, but I do miss the city sometimes. I miss being able to walk where I want to go; there’s no sidewalks here and the closest store is 10 miles away. I’d don’t know which is more beautiful: looking out my window from my mountain perch and seeing down into the valley or looking down from the 10th floor at the city streets and lit up bridges at night.


    The city is awesome for the closeness of things, and the cityscape is a real nice sight every so often but I would have rather seen what was there before the city was than look at the city itself.


    Maybe I’m romanticizing the City now that I no longer live there, but I do love it when I go back. Our apartment has a great view of the harbor and the Verrazzano bridge. I go up to the roof of the building and water the plants, in the summer it’s one of my fave things to do. Out here I walk out on to the porch, turn off all the lights and BAM…stars…everywhere.


    NYC is pretty awesome if you have a lot of money.

    If you don’t, it’s a pretty shitty place to live.


    Other countries have inferior high rises, and are run by sissy girls?


    It’s a pretty shitty place, it’s all dirty, the water is nauseating just to look at, and the few buildings worth looking at offer just a one minute attention span and they’re not that great anyway.