Son Hates Being Homeschooled

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    Ah, a new insta-classic.

    This produces instant rage over on /co/, /tg/, or pretty much any board. 😛


    Perhaps she should do as her name suggests…or maybe the kid instead.


    …and I’m guessing it’s not real, but would be really fukin funny if it was.


    Oh, it’s real.

    Someone should post the one of they guy who wanted to get AIDS. Damn furrys.


    That’s pretty much livejournal in a nutshell.


    de·fen·es·trat·e: To throw out of a window.


    Oh come on guys, don’t be mean. Furries are being discriminated against. In a recent poll the american public showed that it would never hire a furry, also they would rather not see one as their president. Democracy? Pshah!




    Oh, myabe because kids crave social interaction, and even if you’re a hermit, doesn’t mean your kind wants to be. Oh lol, so many perants think this way.


    I know what you mean. Here in SF I learned that the biohazard symbol is used by some people in the gay community to show that they have aids, and they have a bunch of aids people over for mixers and stuff, cause it’s safe for two aids people to have sex with each other. It can’t get any worse, right? And on top of that apparently having aids is like the sign of being gay for reals to some wackos, and some people choose to get aids for that reason – as a symbol.
    Humans are weird.


    fake post is fake.

    And personally. I’ll be glad when furry hating quits being trendy.


    I agree. I mean, sure, some furries are complete freaks, but that goes for any fandom type. It’s irritating as hell, but what can you do? As long as the /b/tards keep thinking it’s funny, it’ll go on.

    Does Somethingawful still ban users if they find out they’re furry fans? ( Even if said users never post anything furry-related on the SA forums…. )