Obama is a hero

Obama is a hero

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    Seriously, I heard he once killed a spider, with his bare fucking hands.


    Tiki you may as well prefix all your Obama posts with “President Obama” McCain is suffering in the swing states again.


    now if only he was an hero. now, that would be something.


    All this Obama shit is making me sick.


    agreed, this is just getting annoying. I registered an account just to state how annoyed I am about this obama dick sucking contest



    “All this President Obama shit is making me sick.

    “Comment by Exacerbate — August 29, 2008 @ 6:36 pm

    “agreed, this is just getting annoying. I registered an account just to state how annoyed I am about this President Obama dick sucking contest

    “Comment by MattKirby — August 29, 2008 @ 6:58 pm”

    Sorry don’t mind me just fixin that up for you guys.


    My VP packs heat!


    I’d gladly be deep throating Barak Obama than takin’ it in the ass from John McCain. But I would definitely pleasure Sarah Pallin over Joe Biden. I guess I’m what you call a ‘swing’ voter.


    I think you’re wrong, Caio. Reagan IS coming. He will stop at nothing to take over The White House.


    $5 says that if obama becomes president, you’ll have every aggressive black person in USA preaching about it forever and a day,

    not to mention said aggressive blacks will play both the “black president somehow makes blacks the superior race in USA” and also they will still play the “oppressed minority” card to gain sympathy from the liberals


    Black people learned it from the Masters, Konrad


    McCain-Palin 2008


    WTF exactly is an “aggressive” black person.

    Konrad, you reek of Neo-Nazi bullshit.

    I’d love it if tiki could appoint me moderator. I’d exile all of you racist motherfuckers back to stormfront or Oklahoma or wherever the hell you came from.


    this is quickly becoming a spiderman-obama blog

    and thats annoying.


    Goddamn i am so tired of obama. I keep getting the feeling he is going to be as bad as bush. Or any of the other presidents after the kennedy administration.


    so i’m fucking tired of nothing but spiderman, obama, batman, and affiliate program bullshit being posted. i remember when this site used to be a fun site to go to and see something cool everyday. now it’s just tiki’s wet dreams realized on the internet. i’d rather get ass rash than wipe my ass with this site thank you very much


    I fucking hate people voting for McCain. They’re voting for him just because he’s a republican, but the man is barely even that. I say vote for Obama, got for the lesser of the two evils, since if anything he’s sticking closer to president Bush’s 2nd term plan, while McCain wants to stray from it because anything that sounds familiar to bushism makes him “3rd term.”


    People, I completely and totally believe that Obama is the Antichrist… I mean, Rising political leader? Working towards world peace? Born in the middle east? He fits all the descriptions…


    So…can you still get a reparations check when you’re president?

    tiki god

    quit bitching like a little whore and submit something that isn’t shit then.
    I got spider-man and obama pictures, and that’s it.


    ryuraga: “born in the middle east”?

    Go reread his bio. You can only become president if you’re a natural born citizen.

    Also, please don’t tell me you buy into that “antichrist” garbage. It’s just religious nonsense.


    MikeBabaguh seriously, you have no clue there are ‘normal’ blacks, then there are ‘aggressive’ ones I was doing my normal patrol of some apartment buildings I do security for, and as I was coming out of one building, this black guy wanted me to let him in, claiming that he was a tenant and forgot his key All i did was ask him for some kind of proof that he was a tenant like show me the key to his apartment door, and he starts preaching that im only doing that because hes black, and goes off on a little… Read more »


    fucking… some of you are beyond retarded.

    im removing this site from bookmarks, rss, whatever.

    this is complete bullshit.

    call me when a decent post turns up.


    The kommissar is correct. some blacks think they are owed something and that electing Obama means all us white folks better get to the back of the bus. they would vote for Gary Coleman before a white guy just because he’s black.


    On the flip side of the story, just exactly how many white americans are going to rise up in open outrage at a black guy getting into the white house between the current number of racists in the USA, and the number of people in USA who are fairly normal, but get pushed over the edge into racism by some personal problem caused by the ‘aggressive’ blacks one other sad problem i think we all might have to deal with at some point, is all those retarded SoB’s called ‘Wiggers’ who are already enough of a headache as they try… Read more »


    RON PAUL is the only candidate for the constitution and preserving the rights of the REAL Americans, wake the fuck up people, become open minded and see the real truth.


    If it’s true that blacks will vote for a black guy, over a white guy, just because he’s black, then Jesse Jackson would already be president.


    Obama isn’t black morons.