Barack Obama

So did you see his speach at the DNCC?  Did you like it?  hate it? What what?

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    Ugh. I hate those people.

    tiki god

    Blacks? Dems? Liberals? Smart people?

    gimme a clue, I need to mock you




    He is black.


    Black candidate is black.


    It’s unfortunate that those who mock Obama seem to be content with the current administration’s epic failures and the projected continuation of those failed policies if a Republican is elected. McCain has already started making statements that WILL bring about another Cold War with Russia. Sure, Obama has proposed changes that will raise taxes… The rebuilding of our national wealth needs to start sometime… and the reckless uncontrolled spending must stop. Remember that nifty “rebate” check you got.. that was borrowed directly from China. I look forward to the time when we actually start reversing the direction of that national… Read more »


    Elepski? What kind of name is that you sumerian or something?


    His speech on Day 4 is just running on CNN. Don’t know if that’s his first or only speech. I like what he said about upholding the 2nd Amendment while keeping AK-47s away from criminals. Shouldn’t be too difficult, should it?


    I’d rather have a cold war with McCain than a Pakistan invasion with Obama.


    At this point, coming out of any major event in the next couple of months only pissing the Russians off and not making them furious will be luck. We did tell Georgia a few years ago we would be there to help them. I think there would need to be a major political upheaval in Russia before another cold war starts with them though.


    I don’t know if to give a shit about politics or be realistic and expect no real change since with all the deficits, current problems, and mixed administrations the next four years don’t necessarily mean progress.

    I mean if you wreck a place in four days, you may need four days just to bring it back to its original state, then four more to improve it.

    If they would just promise to fix and leave it at a neutral state instead of telling everyone they’re gonna make it above neutral.


    you people that think Obama is black are retarded.

    the wooden door behind him is darker.
    i know white chicks (like his mom, whose first name is STANLEY, FFS) with better tans.


    Seems like he actually has a plan that isn’t more “trickle down economics” and that’s a big plus. And that part where he said hey look, restricting automatic weapons in ghettos doesn’t take away hunters’ rifles, yeah its about time somebody just said that.

    tiki god

    @Goldfinger I took issue with that, due to the fact that I own an AK-47, or at least what would fall under their definition of what one is. My rifle fires .223 ammo, which is just a .003 larger then standard .22 ammo. It’s a tiny round, but had a lot of powder behind it. Hunter rifles fire those big ass .308 rounds that can blow holes through half ton moose. @Jagermiester the situation in Georgia is a sticky one. Yes, we said we would help protect them, but what do we do when their own people are asking to… Read more »


    Nope… just something random that I made up. I’ve been using it since the dawn of the modern internet. 🙂


    I am sorry that you feel that way.

    I just remind you that WWIII will be fought with Nuclear weapons…. WWIV will be fought with Sticks and Stones.

    Taunting a country with twice the number of nukes than us and a nation movement to become the only world super power is ill advised at best.


    It’s not that simple. I wrote a paper about Abkhazia back in the day. The deal is this: When the Soviet Union fell, Georgia was automatically independent because technically the Soviet union was voluntary (on paper). Now the Ossetians (historically known as the Alans) formed a majority in their own area, had an ancient history and wanted independence from both Russia and Georgia and declared it. The Abkhazi on the other hand were a minority in their own homeland. Like a lot of that part of the world, there aren’t really majorities in a lot of places, just scattered languages… Read more »


    Also, keep in mind that Chechnya is just across the border. As a matter of fact, Beslan is a couple hours drive from the border with South Ossetia.

    Ask a Chechnyan what it’s like to be a minority in that Region of Russia, and then ask yourself whether it would be in South Ossetia/Abkhazia’s best interest to join Russia.

    It’s nothing but neo-colonialism.


    All you stupid fucks, if Obama said he was Asian you’d believe him lolz, he Isn’t BLACK, so all you dumb “African-American’s” out there voting for him cause you think he is black do your research, if you can read that is. (Keep the internetz free it’s the only place where we can discuss shit like this without getting thrown in jail by the shitty governments.) ^^