Offloading Fighter Jets

Offloading Fighter Jets

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    F-14 being offloaded from the USS Ronald Reagan. This is relatively rare occurrence (I’ve only seen it happen a couple of times). Squadrons make every attempt to fly them off when the ship pulls into home port, because it is a real pain in the ass to do this.


    FUCK! IT TOOK OFF!!!!!!


    F-14 Upskirt


    It could be the “dud”. Every carrier has a non-functional aircraft that they use to train on for fire/rescue prior to the airwing arriving on the ship (such as when they leave port for a deployment). More Info (


    You are correct sir, I forgot about that.

    bright green

    That plane is flying onto the ship, just very very slowly. Its called reversed warp speed.


    Navy retired the F-14 at the end of 2006. Most likely this is the removal of an aircraft that was not flightworthy after airwing left.


    Or, and hold on here because it’s about to get really crazy, it could just be a picture from before 2006.

    teezy weezy

    I invented the F14