Barack Hussein Obama is a skrull

Barack Hussein Obama is a skrull

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’m still ambivalent. What’s his health care plan?


    The same as any selected representative, eugenics!


    So, Hillary must be a Kree then. That leaves McCain to be a puppet of Apocalypse.

    We’ll only be saved by Hulkling, the gay Kree/Skrull offspring of Hillary and Obama. He’ll have her balls, his charisma and the ability to shapeshift to any color or sex to get votes.


    I’m going to skip the political crap and mandatory “shoop’d” comment and go straight to expressing how utterly shitty the photo-manipulation is.

    If 13-year-olds are going to download Photoshop they might as well wait at least til they’re 16 to begin posting their crap on the internet.



    This fail, everyone knows you need to be a naturally born citizen to be president. And lol supported by hostess cakes.