King’s Cathedral in Prague

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notice the Luciferian symbolism, the pentagon, the blazing eye, the hand gesture, wow Jesus is Baphomet

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    Plus he just looks really fuckin’ evil.

    Ironic you’d be posting this with your name.

    OR IS IT?!


    Jesus’s historical legacy is tragically ironic compared to his teachings. For a man who preached forgiving your enemies, a shitload of murder has been carried on his name.


    And it’s Jesus’ fault that people did that?


    who said it was?



    also, it looks like that window is overlaid with gold


    If the new testament is to be read, people would know that Jesus was about love and never said you should kill or hate others, but Mohommad did.

    Out of all the different cultural building styles I’ve seen around the world, the medival gothic style is by far the coolest, imho.


    It went like this.

    : hey guys i think we should all love and respect our neighbor and totally be friends and stuff.
    : awesome idea! we gotta spread this shit around!
    : hells yeah dude
    : /facepalm


    Jesus may have been about the luv but Paul of Tarus was and from ca. 150 to ca. 1930 Paul was the entire Christian religion. People read Jesus’ birth and death but never the Sermon on the Mount, which was virtually unknown to all but specialists. Every theologian, priest and pastor knew Romans and Corinthians off by heart, though. Fun Fact: Women having to wear veils was never mentioned in the Quran and it’s quite likely Muhammad never saw a veil, but veil-wearing was very clearly established in the New Testament. I’ve been to small towns in Europe where women… Read more »


    I never understood the idea of covering the entire head under a veil, it’s seems actually kind of stupid. Over top the head seems okay, but the face? You’re right about Paul, he screwed up the teachings of Jesus, but maybe in the long term actually may have actually saved them. Paul’s versions of the teachings allowed people to defend themselves (which is sort of the opposite from the “turning the other cheek” idea) and when the Muslims invaded southern Europe in the 700s, there were christians willing to kill to defend their homes (and hence, their faith). Now, of… Read more »


    i was basically sayin what GunFace01 said


    how did paul screw up the message of jesus, gor?


    @ Caio, don’t lump all of Christianity in with Catholicism. The Roman Catholic Church, with their twisting of history and creation of “divine doctrine” to suit their own ends, is the probably the main reason why people hate Christians.


    You would ask me for details, wouldn’t you. Let me see if I can remember correctly, Paul never met Jesus and yet wrote letters that instructed others on the meanings of Jesus’ teachings. He built the church in his own interpertation, when it could have been done by one of the orginal apostles, they at least had first hand knowledge of Jesus’ words. His personal problems with Peter and his push to develop creeds and formalize Chrisitainty is seen as a corruption of Jesus’ teachings, in which I am in agreement, but, that’s just my opinion.


    @dasmouse: You’ve never read Martin Luther have you? I believe his longest (and definitely his most passionate) commentary was on Romans. He loved that shit. @gor: No, I think we’re on the same page here. Veils are 1 Corinthians 11, and many people extended it further than simply praying (the text is pretty clear about woman heads, even if it just says ‘praying’). There’s still a few (small, distant) Hamlets in Portugal and Italy where they still where veils all the time, and many more where they wear veils only in Church and Mourning (the mourning clothes are fucking scary),… Read more »


    Thanks Caio, I’ll dust off the old bible and look it up.