Guess whose coming to the Dow dinner table.

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Lowe and Behold! Tyranids are officially part of Dawn of war 2. The rumors were true after all. Game is due to be released in Spring 2009. Get those PC’s upgraded or else it’s gonna hurt.

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    tiki god

    Oye, do we know the requirements for the game yet? I have a modest system, but it declared me a moran for even trying to play crysis.


    I hate nids.


    tiki, can you run Company of Heroes? I heard it should run on any system that can run COH.

    I’m so stoked. Did anyone else see the great cgi video that’s out yet? There’s also a gameplay video of the nids. Check the usual places if you haven’t seen them.


    Piss off, gor. My nids make milkshakes, and you know what happens after that.


    All the boys are going to your yard?


    Yep. And then they get eaten by Carnifexes.


    FINALLY! ‘Nids are going to be in DOWII! HAzah! I hope they’rte a playable race in multiplayer/skirmish mode.


    Only in Skirmish. Silly Relic decided only SM needed to have a campaign mode.


    Not so silly, RSI. It’s going to be a well planned, narrative campaign instead of a generic game of Risk. Although I hate feeding the cash cow, there’s lots of room for narrative campaigns for other races in the expansion packs.

    As much as I’d like to, I really can’t complain.


    I haven’t seen any genestealers yet. Does this mean they removed the most broken close combat unit in the 40k universe?

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