Zombie day at the mall

zombie day at the mall.jpg (478 KB)

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    Zombies, the Chuck Norris for 2008.


    this is funny ish……
    it made me go “heh” but i put my self in that screwed dots situation and i thought to myself “how the flying fucking hell did i manage to get here and how do none of these fucking shops have any doors nor windows. cause running into that building #1 looks like a clean zone. but either way. my annoying overthinking self fucked it up.


    Oh sweet. My annoying overthinking self always fucks it up. That’s why I love it, you’ve got somebody other than you to blame. So what is this, random picture, movie, comic or something else


    I’d say its clearly a shirt one might find at Spencer’s Gift Shop. Those bastards.


    get into room #35, use M203 to get into room #2.

    then GTFO


    It is after hours, and the stores are all locked. The janitor has the keys but will only give them to you in exchange for your brains.

    Congratulations. You have just lost the game. 😛


    oooh… a map representation of the reoccurring nightmares I’ve had since I was three.


    I’m pretty sure there’s a trap door in department store 35, if I remember correctly.

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