Wild Blue Grid Wallpaper

grid.jpg (141 KB)

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    Yes it’s a great wallpaper for your 20 year old 7″ monitor that has a max resolution of 640×480.


    My 20 year old 7″ monitor with the 640×480 has done nothing to you!
    I really should upgrade though.


    Reminds me of the Krell super-city from Forbidden Planet.


    This is from the Digital Blashpemy website. There’s more resolutions there.


    I had the 1920x version as a wallpaper a long time ago but I changed to blue to a birght green for the Matrix theme I had going on.


    I remember when I had a 15″ 640×480 flatscreen Zenith. The only resolution it supported was 640×480. But the screen was absolutely flat.

    I think my next monitor did 800×600, and thought that was a great resolution. Then again, buy 1 meg video cards that you could upgrade yourself to 2 megs was quite the experience bad then.


    Thanks Kurtt for the pointer to usuable sized versions.


    Digital Blasphemy rocks… almost all of my wallpapers are from that site…

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