Three River’s Dam – Preflood

Three River's Dam - Preflood

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    Panoramic picture is panoramic.


    I wonder what kind of devastation will happen when this thing collapes?

    The way all the government buildings fell during their last earthquake may indicate a slight (but noticable) flaw in the communist Chinese building industry.


    A bunch of thinly inhabited mountain villages in one of the emptiest parts of China will suffer?

    A river that historically is famous for uncontrollable flooding will flood, and the infrastructure around it which has been designed for 3000 years to handles its floods will handle its floods?

    Irrigation patterns will be affected negatively, but fuck the way China is copying the American’s economy they’ll have such a long term surplus they’ll be burning food in warehouses to keep the prices down in no time.


    bad idea is REALLY bad…

    but it’s in China- so FUCK CHINA!


    There are newer articles about the dam problems. It appears the Chinese government is secretly shiting bricks over the multitude of problems this dam will cause, that’s not even taking into account all the problems it is currently causing (like landside deaths, drought and diseases).

    Here’s a March 08 Scientific American article,


    Where’s the damn dam tour??!!

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