Obama with Dog in front of Lincoln Memorial

Obama with Dog in front of Lincoln Memorial

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    And more than a little silly.


    Does there even need to be an election? He likes puppies.

    tiki god

    Puppies for everyone!


    Standing in front of a statue of the first Republican president, maybe he’s thinking of switching parties.

    And puppies, don’t forget the puppies.


    Obama updates Hoover’s speech and promises a puppy in every yard.

    teezy weezy

    Elect me or the puppy gets it?


    Which one doesn’t belong?


    Gor, you forget that way back when, the parties were effectively switched in values. The Republicans were for the “common people” and the Democrats were for the rich batards.


    Fucking hell. *bastards


    You know I might believe that if the only person in the Senate, who was a Klu Klux Klan member, is a rich Democrat.

    Please don’t believe the hype that only the Democrats are for the “common people”, both of those parties have just as many fuck ups and saints. Vote on the person, not the party.


    David Duke, the only person in the House of Representatives ever to have been a Grand wizard, was a Republican.

    Also “being in the KKK for 2 years in the forties when he was a little kid” is a little different from “Grand Wizard”. Just a little.


    Here’s former Grand Wizard Republican-Pretty-Boy David Duke’s website:


    Here is Robert Byrd’s:


    Try to spot the difference.


    Here’s another example of a typical Republican. It’s called “White South Africa: What Went Wrong” and implies that whites were the original inhabitants, and that black immigrants genocided them, and strongly implies the Zionists were secretly responsible:


    God bless the Republican party and the USA!!!!!!!!


    Oh yes, and notice the less-than-subtle pro-slavery slant in the “blacks are lawnmowers” section and others.

    I think the idea that the Republicans have become largely the party of the Rich WASP elite is fairly accurate, Gor.

    Alec Dalek

    gor, you are judging all people from 150 years ago based on one person in the present? What are you a fucking retard?


    It puts the lotion in the f#&!in basket Lincoln! Or else it gets the hose again…


    Shouldn’t the puppy be black too?

    Oh, and slickrick, it puts the lotion its skin, it does this when its told.


    Who said I judging people, I just made a truthful statement. What? Can’t you stand the truth or are YOU fucking retarded?

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