So how YOU doing?

I got a hurricane tropical depression sitting on top of my house today. I have my survival gear ready just in case the end of the world happens to hit at the same time.

So how’s your day been?

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    Shitty, cuz I’m in the same damn situation as you.

    tiki god

    home bound and no liquor?


    I’m just fine, thanks for asking. 🙂


    Pretty good. Picked up my books today and I’m ready to start college next week. Good luck to you though. I’ll have a beer when I party tonight in honor of you Tiki.


    Tiki: yep, pretty much, the storm sucks too.


    That sux Tiki, have a beer on me.


    Yards flooded, roads flooded, got a tree about to fall over in the yard, and gonna have pterodactyl sized mosquitoes in no time. But at least it the house and everyone in it are safe and sound. Now to hit the Sailor Jerry’s.


    2nd try, it keeps telling me to login. I’ve dumped all somegodawful number of cookies, maybe this will work.

    The electricity went out around midnight, didn’t get back on till 2PM today, no unnormal for JEA (Jacksonville Electrical Authority).

    Thanking God for the electricity, the A/C, and the TV to keep the kids busy.


    Remind me why people live in Florida again? Is Disneyworld really THAT worth it???


    Disney sucks after the first time around.
    And are you alright?


    They closed schools on Monday and Tuesday (1st and 2nd days of the school year), and most businesses were closed as well.

    Then it rained a little bit, with gusts up to a blazing 10 mph.

    Then it was over. Whoopee?

    I’m just north of Miami, btw.


    Why live in Florida? Because the job’s there?

    When I married my wife, we had a choice, move her and the four kids to Ohio, or move me to Florida. We were making the same money almost down to the penny (gross). I decided not to upheave the family.

    Had I actually moved them up, I’d still be where I was at (different position, but same job, the State of Ohio is weird like that) and my wife wouldn’t be working three months out of the month in a different continent, let alone a different country.

    Crap happens.


    Have a beer on me Tiki!


    @shangai: We can trade places next time.


    Same thing was sitting on me 3 days ago. Fun fun fun.


    sign of the apocalypse:

    tl;dr: zombie baby comes to life after hours in a fridge

    happened in jerusalem

    time to put your zombie survival plans into action.

    i hear it’s hungry

    tiki god

    jesus, zombie babies?

    ack! that reminds me, I need to buy more ammo.

    jesus fuck, zombie babies!


    you all right tiki?


    I got to enjoy tropical storm Fay Tuesday morning.


    you should just move to the west coast, no devestating hurricanes instead just small little vibrations


    While stis was happening I was at home thinking, “I’m sure glad I live in Wisconsin and don’t have to worry about that shit…suck to be them!”