michael phelps ccg card

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    My mother has been walking around for a week spouting Mike Phelps facts like he’s Chuck Norris. She finally stopped when I added that if you put a phonograph needle to Mike Phelps’ nipple, it plays Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

    Chuck Norris carries a list of Mike Phelps facts, btw.


    who ever made this failed with the mana cost. it should definitely cost moar blue mana than any of the others. and 4 plains for lucky strike? I CALL BULLSHIT.

    rofl at “moisture in the are”

    also, weird biceps are weird


    and why are his abs asymmetrical?


    He’s a shaved ape trained to swim…


    its spelled MICHAEL for fuck’s sake…you jackass.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    suddenly everyone cares about swimming cause he won it?

    I wish the Americans would win some obscure event like the weird ones with the guns and cross country skiing so everyone could try and pretend genuine interest in it without really understanding what it is.

    Watching the Olympics and suddenly caring just showing how falsified most people’s interest in anything really is.

    America swims the fastest you fucking commie chinks! Fuck you! Fuck! You!


    I picture him as more of a blue-red dual-color, possibly with shroud and almost certainly with islandwalk, but the power/toughness is bogus. Especially for 5.

    Oh, and of course he’d have to be legendary.


    Wow this image is the epitomy of fail.


    Wow could they make a less cool card of him? Pffft needs more blue, needs Island walk, needs to be legendary. This is so much fail my eyes are failing.


    @ magnus
    why not? were doing good….. soo why not be proud and interested. are you saying that sence hes breaking so many records and winning so many medals we shouldnt care and look the other way?

    this card is soooooo bad and dumb.


    I cared about swimming before we watch it in brasil probably more then in the US.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “soo why not be proud”
    Because you or I didn’t do anything but coincidentally live in the same country as him. If he wasn’t American do you think it would all over the news?
    I can understand why you might admire and respect someone for their achievements, but its sad that people are proud, as if they had some contribution to his success.


    well being from the same country as him gives me a sense of pride and patriotism. but i do understand how people are acting “as if they had some contribution to his success.” but either way if someone does well to peak a whole countries interest in some sport that we really didnt care for then kudos. it can be annoying to hear about him like they were seasoned swimfans and followed him on his swimming circut, but im rootin for him cause he is pretty much the best swimmer ever. its like being annoied that people like lance armstrong… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Its in no way limited to America. Its just fucking stupid that its not that people are really into swimming and appreciate what he did. They just care that someone from their same geographic region did something better than someone from another geographic reason and suddenly he or she are a fucking hero. Retarded. That’s why the Olympics are stupid. Its a big marketing machine and the events themselves mean sweet fuck all. I mean would anyone even be doing half this shit if they couldn’t get into the Olympics? Is there a big swimming circuit that’s followed in some… Read more »

    Billy Manic

    Goggles: They do nothing.


    Epic fail.


    Gold medal in FAIL.