shia labeouf – mug shot

shia labeouf - mug shot

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    NO! BAD SHIA! BAAAD! I hate him.

    Dr. Squiggums

    Really? That’s funny, cause I totally want him in the sack *makes awesome face*


    Who the hell is this guy? He looks hella familiar.


    transformers guy


    He was in Transformers.


    This is a mugshot?


    If its a real mugshot, like one done when the cops catch you doing somethin bad, why the FUCK is he smiling?


    because he’s stoned…duhhh 🙂


    ah makes sense… but then it makes sense I wouldn’t realize that either since I’ve never been high.

    I love drinking, but never done drugs.


    Drinking is a drug. Ethyl alcohol man…aspirin and coffee are also drugs. They just haven’t been deemed illegal by our player hatin’ government.


    wow , not even that famous and already in trouble. IF you want to get high and not get arrested for it, move to Canada.

    Hive Mind

    Bah! California is easier…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’ve smiled for mine.
    @debate on smile
    Not drunk or stoned. Just not a baby.

    You get arrested for getting high in Canada same as anywhere else. I wish more people who get nailed. I’ve seen assholes walking past grammar schools full of kids smoking weed. Then getting into a car to drive away.


    kind of looks like bam margera


    Actualy Magnus,

    Cops tell you to put the spliff out and go away. They only arrest you if you have drugs on you. But if your simply getting high and a joint is all you got then do as you wish. I hot boxed my car once and had an open beer bottle in the driver seat while I was parked.Cops raided my car and since there was no drugs and I passed the breathalizer ( i don’t know how, Must have been from the penny I chewed on seconds before) and I went home scott free!