Reverend Jeremiah Wright

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    Ohhh hoo.. I am soooo gonna light the wick on this one.. hahah

    Racist and more than a little bit crazy?… I think So!

    Alec Dalek

    Is this guy at all relevant anymore? He’s just another religious nut.



    Yes, but he’s formerly associated with an important politician, so that politician must share every single belief with him.


    He might not share *every* belief with the guy, but he did go to the guy’s church for 20 years. I don’t see people willingly following a religious leader for 20 years because they disagree with them, that’s for sure.

    And suddenly choosing to ditch the guy only *after* he starts stirring up some trouble for you? Kinda weak.

    Just IMO, anyway.


    formerly associated = thrown under the bus

    share every single belief with him = looked up to him as a spiritual adviser to the point where he stole his book title from one of his sermons, and prayed with him prior to deciding to run for president

    I’d admire Obama at least a little bit if he had stood by Wright, Ayers, Rezko, etc. He has no loyalty to the people who have given him huge opportunities.


    I can see some people’s concern. I mean a man that sits for 20 years listening to hate-filled, conspiracy themed, racist sermons and not say a word, can be taken the wrong way.

    Jesus Christ

    I can’t believe no one had said it yet:



    and they call us Crackers Racist…. At least I don’t get on T.V. and say things about him or “his” people.


    AliceH please provide evidence that Rezko, Ayers, and Wright gave Obama any “opportunities.”

    Going to the same church for 20 years isn’t necessarily about liking the pastor. A church can be about community and life-long relationships with other parishioners. Are you saying Obama should abandon all that just because he doesn’t like a couple of things Wright said?

    Also, Wright is a decorated US Marine. Why do you hate the troops?


    obama probably kept going there for the laughs.


    If those aren’t proof for you, you’re wearing blinders. Note that I didn’t use any right-wing news sources, this is all stuff that’s been reported in the MSM repeatedly.


    The latest issue of Paranoia magazine has this dude on the cover; it also contains compelling arguments for man-maid ades.


    It is impossible to live into your 40s w/out having made relationships w/ people that turn out to be less than totally honorable. most of the time it’s meaningless. As for Rev. Wright, I dislike the guy, but any black man that grew up in America when he did, most certainly has the right to say “God Damn America!”. As Americans we’re allowed to say Fuck America”. It’s practically our job to do so on a regular basis. So Fuck America, we ain’t that great. It’s the fact that it is now looked down upon as unpatriotic, anti-american to say… Read more »


    I honestly don’t understand how people who have read the same things I have, watched the same things I have and somehow come to the conclusion that what I think is eminently american is, in fact, the most american thing to do.

    err* …I think is eminently american is, in fact, the most un-american thing to do.


    It’s one thing to form relationships with people who turn out to be less than honorable. It’s a totally different story to go to someone who is being investigated for political bribery and mention to him that you’re having problems purchasing some land, then buy the land from that same person at $300,000 less than what that person paid for the land. It’s a totally different story to get involved with someone who was a known, active, unapologetic terrorist, and spend several years working on the board of their organization. It’s a totally different story to sit in a church… Read more »


    Pauld, it’s very hard to believe that Obama never liked/respected Rev. Wright after he conducted the guy’s marriage ceremony, baptized his children, and served as a close, spiritual mentor to the guy until just recently. You don’t really have much of a leg to stand on with that argument. It’s one thing to have friends who “turn out to be less than totally honorable,” but it’s a completely different thing to be actively seeking that friend out as a major source of your guidance and wisdom. And using the phrase “turns out” is kind of misleading. I highly doubt that… Read more »


    Sorry. The next to last sentence in that final part should read “You Describe yourself as being close to the guy for 2+ decades, during which he served as your spiritual/moral mentor, and you’re telling me you never got the slightest hint of what he was about?