China Gold Miners

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    They farm and sell it online for real cash… Bastiges…


    I hope you two aren’t serious.


    Wow, that post was genius!


    That was Epic!


    Can someone explain to me why this is “Epic”?


    I wouldn’t call it epic, just clever. And funny.


    Must be some MMMORPM inside joke…
    I have something to do with my days other than game them away.


    *Sigh*.. ok.. for those who do not know… In MMO games.. where “gold” is the primary funds for trading… there are people that will play the game for the exclusive purpose of making gold to later sell on ebay or something. They do this quickly by “botting”… or using software to do the job.. as a result.. the character will act in a very scripted manner and usually walk in straight lines. In addition… allot of the “Farmers” are in china… the rest of the joke i think you can get… And believe it or not.. I don’t even play… Read more »


    If you didn’t get the joke after Elepski explained it, there is no hope for you.


    The other part of the joke is that people on the blizzard forums (at least for Diablo II, back when I played it) tend to buy a lot of their gear using IRL currency, and use that fact to hilariously troll the frustrated people who can’t afford/don’t believe in buying gear.

    Alec Dalek

    I know all about gold farming and have played dozens of MMORPG over the last decade, but where in that is the joke? Is it the bit about putting them on a pedestal, because that’s not funny.


    Ok, here’s the deal: Person Type 1: Buy a level’d character w/perfect gear. Dominate pVp forever. Essentially be a griefer. It’s not actually a fun way to play the game because you don’t really play it. You just go to PVP games and kill the fuck out of everyone but a lot of teenagers and bitter nerds get a kick out of this. Person Type 2: Play the game as it was intended, spend months farming, and trading, and doing ba’al runs, and screwing up on your build and starting over. Arguably this is more fun, and give you more… Read more »


    Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in Beijing in swimming events. One medal was a relay medal, with him and three teammates. 8 gold medals in a single Olympics is a world record, and the *fucking joke* is that this “character” keeps “farming” gold in China and has no plans to stop.

    The back and forth bit is him swimming laps, and the pedestal is the winner’s pedestal, y’know, where they *award* the medals?

    Are MMO players and *WORLD EVENTS* really THAT fucking mutually exclusive? FUCK!

    Alec Dalek

    This is how much I care about the olympics:


    So that’s a yes, then?


    *Face Palm* *Sigh*


    Oh I get it. Well, who cares about American athletes? I’m cheering Jamaica this summer. Or maybe a cool country like, I don’t know, China or France or something.