US Election results by IQ

US Election results by IQ

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    I’m surprised Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina average IQ’s aren’t below 30. I travel through all those states multiple times throughout the year and it shocks me that the average IQ is THAT close to triple-digits.


    The only thing shocking about this is that New Jersey has the 3rd highest in the nation….


    Man I’ve lived in some retarded states. Only Cali cracks the top 15 🙁


    Sucks to be Oregon.


    first of all, the top 68% are all within 20 points. but i didnt come here to say that. i came here to comment on the public school system, which i have a feeling is the IQ culprit here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i have an 11 year old daughter who we have had in a little private school for the past 3 years. this year, we decided to put her in a public school to save money. she has been there a week, and we are pulling her out and putting her back int he private school. Why? because she has been… Read more »


    Yeah public schools are shit now. I graduated HS 2 years ago. Teachers basically just babysit because they get paid shit and thus aren’t motivated to do their jobs well. The books we used were from the 1970’s and 80’s but we had fancy new metal detectors and a bunch of security guards hired so that right there shows you how much they value education.

    Alec Dalek

    Yes, it may be accurate, but it is a hoax.


    99% of all polls are wrong.


    Nothing that you didn’t already know.


    As if the real one would look much different…


    According to the guy that made this (see the website listed in the pic) he used ACT and SAT scores to figure it out. But the ACT and SAT are not valid indicators of IQ ( SAT and ACT are used to see how much knowledge you have. IQ is your predisposition to intelligence. If two people, one with a high IQ and one with a low IQ, both have to learn the same new material, the person with the high IQ should pick it up faster on average. But a 15 year old can have a much higher IQ… Read more »


    @ natedog
    It could be because school has just started again and they’re using basic math to review and get the kids back into learning mode.. or I could be wrong and it could be that our public schools suck.


    Someone should transpose these results over the US obesity map…

    Would make for an interesting experiment…