Nastia Liukin

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Rawr. The reason i watch gymnastics

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    funny shes russian but represents US and A


    This is the reason why I DON’T watch the olympics.

    These girls need meat.


    Everyone that advocates the ol’ “She needs some MEAT on her” are the guys that haven’t nailed a little chick. I like em TINY. I would split this girl in TWO! Nom.


    Ah yes, she may be skinny, but shes the healthy type of skinny. She could kick you so hard in the balls you would bleed out of your eyes. Your fucking eyes!


    Nothing better than gymnasts. Small, flexible, impossibly tight bods, killer bums. One is great, a whole team is better.


    Or the type of guys that don’t like looking at a girl’s chest and thinking it’s your own, because it’s just as titless.


    Nah! I love ALL boobies….
    as long as they are round….
    and have small nipples….
    and don’t have any hair….
    and no little bumps around the nipple..
    and they don’t torpedo out to the side….

    You can imagine this girl would make little
    yipping chipmunk sounds while getting nailed.


    Hopefully legal… Rawr


    I’m sure no one will believe me, so I don’t know why I’m even posting this, but:
    I fucked her.
    It was almost exactly a year ago. I was visiting a friend who is in flight school in Florida. We went out to a salsa club (which is one of the few non-nerdy I do well). After dancing a bit, she told me her name and there was a pause, like I should be impressed, and she said, “you know, I’m that russian chick that’s gonna win gold in the olympics for US and A?”. And was I was like, “Yeah, I’m from Norway” and she laughed. So ended up going back to my friend’s apartment, drank some wine, then he took his girlfriend home, and well…
    Anyway, I didn’t realize who she was until I got home and tried to look-up her number on-line.
    I think I’ve still got some picture on my old cell phone. I’ll check when I get home.

    Luke Magnifico

    ITT: People who are not attracted to tight-bodied flexible 18 year olds, i.e. homosexuals


    What good is a girl that is flexible yet when naked looks like a boy with long hair?

    I want curves, boobs and ass, I don’t want a ragdoll with a cute face. But you keep on thinking that, Luke. I guess when one is so desperate that a walking twig is the perfect idea of a good lay, one becomes a real “man”.


    “Everyone that advocates the ol’ “She needs some MEAT on her” are the guys that haven’t nailed a little chick.”

    Mr. Dooves is spot on, acrobatic sex is much easier (and fun) with a girl who weighs 90lbs (41kg for you metric homos or 7 1/2 stones for my British mates).

    Not to say the larger girls aren’t enjoyable, but it’s good mix it up once in a while (remember, you should punch as many holes in you chick card as possible, not just the fatty section).

    Luke Magnifico

    So, what, you wouldn’t fuck Kirsten Bell?


    Wait, everyone isn’t attracted to the exact same things?!? My world is irrevocably shattered.


    So if they’re not like a praying mantis, they’re automatically fatties? That’s interesting.

    It’d be a definite yes if I were drunk. Otherwise all she has going for her in my opinion is her pretty face.

    I’m sorry, I’m just not attracted to breast-less women, just how some girls don’t like short guys.


    Again, men who say they don’t like tight chicks, haven’t HAD tight chicks. Somehow I’m certain Dreth isn’t a chubby chaser by choice.

    The Lawnmower

    I’d fuck her twice. Anyone who says otherwise has a terrible case of the gay.


    I’ve been with one chubby girl, I’ve been with women both older and younger than me. It’s not about size, a girl can be skinny and flexible and still suck (in the bad way). Don’t think that because she wins gold for a country that’s not even her native one, that she’s a great lay.

    You’re just in a hurry to use the OM NOM NOM meme in real life with anything that moves.

    And you need to check yourselves up, you’re calling a guy gay just because he wouldn’t bang what you’d bang. I’d expect that from a pre-teen’s point of view.


    I just saw her on the TV, flipping around. Fucking she got owned bad by that tiny azn chick. Also, that Bulgarian judge is fucking corrupt as shit.


    Alright listen up all you asses who think you know women. Nastia is the vision of beauty. Any skanks that you’re “Nailing” are just sluts who are makin you feel good. While you’re here talkin about how you don’t or do wanna “nail” her, you forget to add in one factor… NONE OF YOU HAVE A SHOT IN HELL!!!!! Nastia is the most beautiful girl in the world, and if you homos don’t think so because she’s not a breast implanted whore, then you should all go pay a male stripper to “nail” you, then you’ll see what she would feel. That is, if we were in an alternate demention and she would actually consider looking at you homo assholes.



    I have a feeling you are going to stalk this poor girl, rape her and then kill her. You seem a little obsessed. Go jack off or something.


    I doubt if Nastia is sexual active yet. So this user Lorfmachine is making shit up. Nastia would have been 17 last year, and would have been jailbait.


    Not , but concerning blog2:
    It’s funny, ’cause he said “demention.”
    Like dementia.

    Like he seems to have.

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