7 Eleven

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    ah 7 Eleven, I love getting the 64 oz double gulp fountain cup and filling it with a mix of blue raspberry slushie and mountain dew slushie, the best part is paying $1.79 for like 3lbs of slushie! 😀


    I keep thinkin’ ’bout that night in Memphis,
    I thought I was in Heaven.
    But I was stumblin’ thru the parking lot
    of an invisible seven eleven.


    funny story! i’m banned from all 7-elevens forever.

    i went into the local store and tried to buy lighter fluid, which you can legally sell to children, according to provincial law.

    the clerk ID’d me, got rude, refused to listen to reason and then had me escorted off the property by the police.

    (note: i didn’t know i could just leave. i thought i had to wait for the cop to show up.)

    there’s a whole lot more to it but that’s the gist of the thing.

    to sum up: i fucking hate 7-eleven.


    I vote silverflux as the most badass, hardcore mofo on the internets.


    There’s like a kajillion 7-11’s. How in the hell would they find out if you just walked into one tomorrow?

    And just the 7-11’s in the US or worldwide?


    I live in NC and I’ve never even seen a 7-11.


    i dunno…. there’s just never anything strange afoot there, ya know??


    Whenever I go there I get a huge smoothie, but I shove the cup full of candy/snacks first before filling it up. I’m a cheap bastard but I need my money for important things like video games and computer parts.


    I’m in NC and there’s one near where I live. But come to think of it, maybe it’s not a 7-11. I’ve always thought it was but I never read the sign. It has the same colors though. Heh, I’ll have to look next time.


    @ theeris
    Yeah, it’s completely different than the Circle-K was.
    Nothing strange has happened either. At least not since Rufus died.


    Where is the edit button!

    *Nothing strange has happened THERE either.


    I worked in a seven-11 between high school and uni. I gotta say, it was cleaner and more carefully run than some of the fancy restaurants I later worked in.

    Silverflux’s story kind of surprises me because I always associate them with having their shit together, but it takes one idiot manager I suppose.


    I live in OC and you can’t go more than 2 miles without seeing a 7-11. Literally.


    7-11 in Singapore has instant mash potatoes machines


    That’s pretty cool but I just can’t imagine going to 7-11 for mashed potatoes… When I think of 7-11, I think of candy and chips and hot dogs and gross packaged sushi but no, not mashed potatoes. Did they have gravy too?


    oh my god I want to go to Singapore now. I fuckin’ love instant mashed potatoes.


    Travel slightly north to Virginia beach.. you’ll run into them on every corner… there is one place right near first colonial where they are a quarter mile from each other, almost right across the street.. you can see one from the other.. almost like starbucks..


    I believe the strange things were afoot at the Circle K.

    Very few 7-11’s up here in Vermont, but they are thick on the ground in SW Illinois.


    thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt.

    technically, if i paid with cash, they would have no idea. but if the can trace a bank or credit card back to me, i’d be fined and possibly given jail time.

    the manager of this place thinks she’s queen shit of turd hill and she decided to lock horns with the wrong girl over absolutely nothing. it was ridiculous.


    Exacerbate and GrimGrimes: IT’S CALLED A SLURPEE anyways, i rembemer way back in the day before video games made it into every living room… the 7-11 was the place to be to play video games in that little room they had set up with Double Dragon and ExciteBike, etc… i would take ONE DOLLAR and get me a candybar, a pop, and still have a quarter left over for the vidyogame macheene. those were the days…. you could get the little jerry’s kids donation carton for MS, go around the neighborhood collecting shiny quarters, and then keep them all to… Read more »


    lol @ rembemer


    Lol… Wait, whut? So you could be *fined* for patronizing a 7-11? WTH?! I didn’t even know they could *universally* ban you from *all* 7-11s…
    Just on the whim of a store manager? Seems kind of dumb to me…


    How long would they send you to jail? And all this for buying some lighter fluid.. ridiculous I say!

    The newer 7-11’s that are opening up are starting to have their own gas stations and the gas is pretty much $0.10 cheaper than everywhere too.


    Silverflux originally said “Provincial Law”.
    Likely means he was banned from all Canadian 7-11’s.
    They might send a memo to the rest, maybe. Mostly it just sounds like a scare tactic. He could walk into every 7-11 in the country and never get approached.


    I wish I did took a picture of the mashed potato dispenser in Singapore which I didn’t do so. S$ 1 for a cup of Maggie mashed potato and I think nachos was over S$2.50