USA Wrestling

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    that hancock!

    will he never learn?


    Totally gay


    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!


    I fail to see how posing for pictures makes you a bad wrestler.


    It doesn’t make you a bad wrestler, it just makes the team image suffer if other people refuse to wrestle them in a professional capacity because they “might like it too much.”

    I think it’s just as fucked up that most of these whiners automatically assume they’re of such interest said gay guys that they can’t wrestle them without them popping a tent. A group of assholes incapable of getting over themselves is a worse image than having a gay kid on the team imo.


    This is an easy one to solve:
    If they were kicked out because they posed for gay PORN, tarnishing the school’s name, that’s a righteous call.

    If they were kicked out because they posed for GAY porn, tarnishing the school’s name, that’s bullshit.

    Personally, I bet this was the first one. Do you really think if a member of the women’s basketball team did a photo shoot for, that she wouldn’t be kicked off the team?


    If you thought life was bad in China, imagine how those poor gerbils must feel!

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