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“Boo, you fail”

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    Still Epic


    oh, man, someone doesn’t know how to make demotivators. I guess they were too busy contemplating the filthy proletariat while swimming around an a giant safe full of liquid currency to learn that valuable life skill.


    dick move. service would have to be really fucking bad to not tip at all.


    I agree totally..

    But what kind of winners use a Visa for a fifteen-dollar tab?!
    oH YEAH, all sorts of Win in that pic.


    i spent over a decade as a server in about 45 restaurants… i can wait table around anyone’s sorry ass and i havent done it in years, motherfuckers!

    and if i get shitty service, you get no tip. sorry.

    i tip good if the service is even mediocre. i can handle a run of the mill server; or even sub-par service… but if you just suck, you get NOTHING.

    except a big FUCK YOU


    The US is the only place that tips just about everything that someone else does. Look at every other place in the world – they tip only in restaurants, and there its small. I drove a group of 3 hitchikers from Europe – Two from Spain and one form Germany – And they all said the same thing. On a 20 euro meal, if the service was really good, they’d tim 2 euros. Decent service, .5 to 1. and crappy service, not at all. They dont tip people who wash their car, they dont tip people who they get their coffee from, they dont tip people in hotels, etc. Here, its more of an obligation to tip. Thats fucked up, IMO.


    In the US, you tip because the waiters get paid sub-minimum wage which is supplemented by tips.

    That said, if they don’t do their job, they shouldn’t expect a tip.

    Furthermore, did you know that not tipping actually takes a small amount of money AWAY from the waiter, as they have to claim a percentage of their sales as tip income – which then gets taxed?

    semi-related – the delivery fee from papa john’s, it turns out, does NOT go to the delivery driver. You still have to tip. How lame is that?

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