The Lulz

TheLulzFamily.jpg (89 KB)

Do it for them.

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    Billy Manic

    I won’t let them down.


    if not for them… then for who?


    it would be more amusing if it wasn’t photoshopped… 8/


    I thought it was a shoop too, but it’s just that some of the letters are a little more shadowed then the others for some reason. Honestly, you cant really get close enough to tell if the spacing between letters is correct, either.

    Doc Shadow

    Lulz is a real family name though… so there is a decent chance this is not a shop job.


    Actually a while ago in Calgary some guy named Lall (pronounced ‘lul’) killed his entire family. And remember old b-day when everyone thought moot was closing /b/? I was flipping around the tv and I happened to hit the news as they were announcing a memorial service for the Lalls and I laughed so hard I cried for, like, half an hour.


    It may be a real family name, but this is definitely a shoop. The name on the tombstone was originally Luiz, a Spanish name. Look at the second L in the name; there’s no serif on the lower right end of the letter, and it’s far too narrow. The spacing works perfectly if it’s a letter I, not for an L.


    : quite impressive


    I know. Please leave my internets with my secretary.

    Doc Shadow

    Dorix – I see exactly what you’re talking about. Good spot.

    I should also refrain from playing “Shop or Not” with no sleep apparently.

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