The Human Dolphin

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    Michael Phelps is a pretty cool guy. He outswims the Chinese and doesn’t afraid of anything.


    I want to have his babies…

    Michael Phelps FOREVER!


    Sumo wrestlers average anywhere from 8000 to 20000 calories a day. Mike Phelps consumes about 12000.

    Crazy shit.


    I kinda wish someone would kill him so I can stop listening to everyone talk about how great he is.


    He’s an outstanding athelete.

    Exacerbate – you’d only have to listen to people saying how great he WAS.

    Billy Manic

    inb4 major cumstorm


    I hear the chinese will replace him because his teeth aren’t quite pretty enough.


    we need more sports here


    I like him because he’s not Lance Armstrong. I used to swim butterfly in high school. This guy would make me look like a doggypaddler. I hate the olympics, but props to this guy.


    Oh, and his greatest accomplishment is having the bravery to jump into a Chinese swimming pool.


    When it comes to doping, he is just as good as Lance Armstrong, if not even better.

    I heard his arms are like 2 inches longer than the average. That might count too.


    phelps is from atlantis…or who knows…he is an alien…but 100% human…never!!

    purple banana

    Actually, he’s from the Baltimore area; Towson to be specific. Our swim team used to have practice at UMD’s pool right after him, he’s an okay guy. I don’t think he’s on substances, though… He has a very normal swimmer’s body, and doesn’t have abnormally low times, he’s just really good. And nice. But his teeth and ears are jacked :\

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