Worldwide IQ

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    Beaten by China? Shame on you guys.


    Madagascar should be much higher. They know when to shut down everything.


    something tells me north koreas isnt that high…



    the average canadian iq is at least 103, thanks very much.


    i think this would be better if it were taken in smaller samples.


    Shit picture is shit. Where is the source, the statistics, the demographics etc. 😀

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    You know its bullshit when Italians are at the top.

    Those people are still working on their first rubix cube.

    And your average Chinese person can’t even wipe their own ass or brush their teeth let alone demonstrate anything close to intelligence.

    Add to that the alarmingly high percentage of Canada that IS Chinese and bullshit picture really is bullshit.


    Well, you can’t argue with logic like THAT.


    I always score between 135 & 165, I should have my own color. IQ is a worthless test regardless, since it tests indoctrination levels, so it really just says how big a zombie you are. I’m alpha zombie. note racist picture is racist

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Take a real IQ test and not an online one and you’ll get the same results. Maybe off by a point or 2 but not 30 points. Besides 165? I wouldn’t have even believed 105, dude.


    My IQ is 200, and I don’t know what “racist” means either.


    hey… Is it a picture from google maps? I can see a small green ball in Brazil… that’s me… Remember kids, a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart… just mean you’re good on IQ tests… My uncle Asimov used to say that.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    IQ tests are bullshit. Everyone know the only way to determine intelligence is Craniometry.


    I have a difficult time believing the US is in the 2nd highest tier… maybe on the coasts. The south should be dark red.


    the south is not just a bunch of rednecks and ‘tards, deuce.

    there are stupids all over, not just in the south. there are many highly intelligent, classy, non-tarded people ’round here; i suspect it is the same in other places. also, i am quite sure that the north has its own share of dumb-fuckery


    I’ll score way higher on an IQ test than a Bushman in Namibia, but drop the two of us in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, and I’m going to end up dead a hell of a lot more quickly…


    Is that intelligence, or adaptation and training?


    Lmao at all the idiots here who are offended by reality. Not to mention the idiots saying something as stupid as “well I got a 165 so my nation’s average CAN’T be that low!”
    Seriously, retarded much?
    I also don’t know why there’s so much anti-Chinese racism here. Yes, their ultra-nationalism is annoying, but I’m pretty sure we’re all aware of the stereotype of East Asians being smart.
    Anyways, as has been said, this picture is worthless without source citations, sample size, confidence levels, significance intervals, parameters, etc. So quit whining that your Anglosphere has been tarnished…


    As an east German, I fully support my area getting top marks
    I dont agree with mother russia getting 2nd place though, ive met alot of intelligent russians

    South america is rated way too high, they should be on the basic red for 70’s

    and as for new zealand, theres no way in hell they get green, my left ass cheek is smarter than they are, that map must cover the intelligence added to NZ by the high asian count down there




    “I met a *NATIONALITY* once, he was not stupid, so this map must be wrong”. Learn2argue.


    Where is this from? There’s no way this is legit.

    First of all, by the very definition of IQ, the average worldwide IQ is 100. That’s how they calculate it.

    Second of all, ask anyone who administers the standardized, legitimate IQ tests… it’s culturally specific and doesn’t compare between standardized IQ tests in different countries.

    Do you honestly believe they’re giving a 100% scholastically sound IQ test in Burmese? Or a fair sampling of IQ tests at all?

    I call bullshit.


    Caio: so the worldwide average IQ is 100, but you can’t compare it between different countries? How does that work?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    One anti-Chinese remark and you’re crying foul? They deserve a lot more than they get. Slippery little dinks are a pain in the ass and lie, cheat, and steal as easily and fluidly as they crack out their broken dish language.

    That’s why this picture is bullshit in terms of the chiners. You can’t cheat on an IQ test and without cheating the Chinese will prove time and again to be vapid and completely unintelligent. Anyone who can’t figure out a fucking toothbrush is not a genius.


    May I ask where you get your information about Chinese people? Particularly your misconception that they don’t know how to use toothbrushes?
    Intelligence is partially hereditary and partially environmental. If a Chinese person happens to be dumb, it’s likely because he or she was raised in a rural lifestyle with little emphasis on academia and education in general. But as China becomes more and more urbanized, Chinese will be more and more similar to Taiwan, Korea, and Japan in terms of “IQ”.
    And Chinese students in the US usually are high achievers, so it’s not like this is a matter of ethnicity.
    Also, I’ve seen many more than just “one” anti-Chinese remark. -_-

    Professor Cramulus


    Ciao is riding the correct motorcycle. IQ tests are scored regionally. You are scored by your performance relative to the average, which is set at 100. So the worldwide average IQ is 100 by definition. There’s a lot of debate about intelligence testing, including its reliability, its validity, and whether or not intelligence is a construct we can actually measure. We can measure certain TYPES of intelligence, but in the end, we can really only measure how good people are at taking IQ tests.

    But if you look at how these things work, this chart is clearly fudged. If they gave everyone in the world the US standard IQ test, (which, BTW, doesn’t exist) the US would score higher than everyone else. If they had a magical non-regional IQ test (doesn’t exist) and administered it worldwide, each nation’s average would still be 100.


    So basically IQ: 100 is different in different countries. Which could very well mean some nations are smarter than others. I’m gonna try and find the source to this map.


    “Caio: so the worldwide average IQ is 100, but you can’t compare it between different countries? How does that work?”

    Step 1) Administer a Series of IQ tests
    Step 2) Take an average based on scores.
    Step 3) Calculate IQ.

    I see what you’re saying, but honestly the average (not the mean) would have more to do with relative population. And that’s just pretending all these people are doing the same series of tests.


    Considering that it’s Diabeetus and the general design, I’m going to hazard the guess that it’s wikipedia: THE STANDARD REFERENCE FOR THE SUPERINTELLIGENT


    IQ is measured by intelligence for your age. It is your mental age divided by actual age then multiplied by 100. For example if a 10yr old has the mental age of a 20yr old their IQ would be 200. So if your mental age matches your actual age then your IQ is 100…thats how the average is set at 100.


    I also found this interesting quote: “The map referenced by this article was taken from the book “Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis” by Richard Lynn. The book focuses on intelligence per race NOT nationality. Richard and Co “tested” (actually just used others research) approximately 813,778 individuals worldwide so basically 0.01% of the worlds population. The people tested were only those indigenous to each country, so for Australia only 2.4% (approximately 400, 000 people) of the population is indigenous, whereas Asia has an indigenous population of 70%.”


    I think this map is skewed, or else the questions are. I’d like to see exactly what questions were asked. Generally I don’t think standardized tests are racist, but in this case, maybe. It doesn’t make Africa come out too well.

    I did think it was funny US was only 90 – 99, though. Hahaha.

    Professor Cramulus

    re: Korinthian

    Lynn’s central finding, by the way, is that colder countries have higher IQs. If you buy that, and this chart, you probably live in a warm climate. 😛

    though one of the MANY things wrong with IQ testing is that the results are very regionally skewed. Take a smart but poor person who hasn’t benefited from a good education, and give him the same test as an idiot who happened to go to a good school. The idiot will test higher. Does that make him smarter? ehhh you’d have to split a lot of hairs to get me to agree.

    Also, there’s no standard IQ test. Tests administered in Thailand are different from IQ tests administered in Florida are different from IQ tests administered in Canada. So how can you compare results? It’s almost like saying that people who got 100% right on their driver’s exam are smarter than people who got 90% right on their SATs.


    As long as I believe that I am smarter than average, without taking any kind of test, I am happy.


    ITT: butthurt loserfags


    Korinthian, with anyone else, I would know that was joking. With you, I’m not so sure.


    Why, Caio, I’m glad that you are concerned with my happiness.


    Africa = Fail

    in this competition.


    Was this drawn by a four year old ?


    4 and a half w/ an average African IQ.


    Is this map in fahrenheit or celcius? Maybe that makes a difference?


    but but th average IQ is meant to be 100 so this ummm makes no fucking sense. retards


    I might believe that this is a map of how good the education is in each country, but education and IQ are not the same thing. How much you know and how well you can think and reason are two completely independant things.

    I know an awful lot of highly educated people that couldn’t reason their way out of a paper bag, and I know a very few under-educated people who should be considered geniuses.


    IQ is NOT a measure of how smart someone is. It is a COMPARISON of how smart one person is IN RELATION TO ANOTHER and is only relevant when comparing people FROM THE SAME AREA.

    Merely attempting to construct a global IQ chart is fundementally flawed. Education standards fluctuate massively accross the globe. For example, as an Aussie, I wouldn’t have a clue who the American Presidents are (let alone our own). But we are all taught the Captain Cook/Joseph Banks etc, the First Fleet, Wills & Bourke — and I doubt they’d be common names in every country.

    Not to mention an IQ test is designed so that a score of exactly 100 is the exact mean for the population it applies to.

    In short, that map is borked.


    “pretend you are reading something really smart here”
    hey… if you couldn’t pretend, you have an african IQ!


    Afrikanz er phukin stoopid!

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