Thousand Dollars

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    all that money and you still bought a DEll, ha ha


    Diabeetus – I know you don’t know me but I could really use that money. I really wanted to buy a new rifle, maybe go to an Asian spa, buy some weed and beer and maybe a new video game. Maybe some whippets too. Yea whippets too. And bars.


    Don’t most Dells come packaged with a printer/scanner/copier now a days?

    Howie Feltersnatch

    Whoah! Instead of “diabeetus,” they ought to call you “tuberculosis,” the way you’re dropping Andrew Jacksons.


    Yeah, a crappy one made by Lexmark.


    this picture is fucking stupid. what a waste of my eyeballs

    Howie Feltersnatch

    $1,000: To a 12-year-old, a lot of money.
    To me: Half a mortgage payment.


    total, fucking, loser.


    I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned how gangsta that is, cause it’s pretty gangsta.


    I noticed you’re gangster.
    I’m pretty gangster myself.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    This should be a motivational poster:

    My Phat Wad
    My wad, let me show you it.


    YOU WASTE MY LIFE YET AGAIN! You are on thin ice my internet acquaintance. You could have saved yourself if it was in fives or ones, maybe even pennies. BUT NO! You chose ‘twenties.’ Stupid man.


    Howie, how the hell did you get stuck with a $2000 mortgage payment?


    Thats not a thousand dollars. Thats fifty twenties.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That’s about the right payment for a $250k, 30-year, 6.5% loan, ie an average home mortgage.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    reboot’s got it, MikeBabaguh. That’s a $300k, 30-year loan, at 5.625% including taxes and insurance. Welcome to Northern Virginia.


    i doubt there are even 40 twenties there

    and if you have to take a picture of a few hundred bucks, you fail at monies

    however, i use the little black clippies to hold my money as well


    Looks like your getting layed !

    The Dude

    Dont know how old you are but I almost shat myself laughing at this as I smoke a $200 joint of hydro. Ill tell you how I would allocate that bauler money..

    1200 – rent
    120 – gas
    400 – electric

    oh wait.. sorry I didnt even get to my my hobbies 🙂

    keep on truckin little, stay in school kids! no one wants to be poor


    Mosher, a $200 joint? Wow, what a way to spend a couple hours!!!


    200 dollar joint? Thats just embarassing. Your dealer laughs about you after the pick up.

    Do Americans still carry cash? I haven’t carried cash in 10 years. Its a digital age people. Diabeetus is gonna run this wad through the washing machine, then how “gangsta” will he be.


    A grand looks like this:

    I won 13 of those in a poker game in ’69.


    Well, I’m here in interior BC, where there’s a dozen grow ops in every town and I gotta say the best weed in the world is worth, about, $10 CND a joint and that’s about $5 more than I’m actually going to pay.

    But seriously enjoy smoking $200.


    Ciao, its nice to find another Canadian.
    I’m from Calgary, so we get all our buds from BC.
    Know anyone else on MCS from Canada?

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