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Biggest let down ever? yep
Too expensive ($15)? yep
Overhyped? yep

this is why I wish live could give refunds. ugh. it was fun for the 6 or 7 hours of game play it gave, but seriously wtf.

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    Overhyped? I’ve never heard of it…

    then again I’m not as “in-the-know” on video games since I left college.


    If this was the biggest let down ever, too expensive, and overhyped, then why the fuck did you post this on MCS in the first place?

    Le Qube

    The 6 hours were worth the $15 IMO. I’ve paid much more for games that were much worse.

    Rune 101

    Amazing Game Was Amazing (Opinion). And Fifteen Bucks To Expensive? Really?(Not Opinion) Thats Like The People That Moan And Whine Because Xbox Live Isn’t Free. “Goodness Me! I Can’t Afford An Extra Fifty Dollars A Year!”

    Oh And If Your Gonna Attack it Because You Bought It And Didn’t Like It…You Know There Was A Demo Up Right In The Same Menu As Buying The Full Game. For Free. You Were Drunk Weren’t You? Oh Thats Right When Aren’t You.
    Let The Me Bashing Begin.

    Rune 101

    Double Post

    Wait…Reread That. Your Saying You Liked It, But It Was To Short? Cause You Said It Was A Let Down But Then You Said It Was Fun While It Lasted…it Was A Let Down Because It Was Short?

    O_o Elaborate Before You bash So I’m Clear Please >_<


    Good God, why did you capitalize every word? That’s fucking stupid (not opinion).
    Also, tiki, you’re a fucking idiot, too. $15 isn’t too much money for 6 hours of fun. I pay $15 to take my girlfriend to a movie, and that’s 2 fucking hours at most, so get over it. It’s cheap.



    Making Every Word Capitalized Doesn’t Make You Sound Smart.

    In fact, it makes you look even dumber than those illiterate people who use no grammar or punctuation at all. It amazes me. At least those no grammar illiterates are just lazy. You, however, took the extra fucking step and actually put in effort into being illiterate.


    Ahhh obvious affectations on the innernets. The first refuge of the boring.

    Rune 101

    I Don’t Actually Do It Intentionally. My Pinky Just Hits The Shift Key Before I Type Every Word. And, Oh Fucking Well. Its The Internet, I’m Not Really Gunna Put Much Effort Into Anything Here. And If Your The Type Of People Im Pissing Off, Its Really Just A Plus.

    And Thus Im Off! *Whoosh Mutha Fuckas*


    That sounds like a horrible issue that’s annoying to read. Also, I wasn’t aware that proper grammar didn’t extend to the internet.


    I thought it was really cool. but i didnt actually hear any hype. i just bought it after playing the demo. 1200 points was a lot considering geometry wars 2 was only 800 and it is pure awesomesauce. That being said, this beats the living crap out of Turok, rainbow six vegas 2, halo 3 campaign, and time shift.


    I had to say I enjoyed it, and it had some creative challenges.

    As far as length goes, look at it as if it were a film:
    an up-and-coming artist makes a short film because he can’t afford to make a feature. It shows people in the industry what he can do in the hopes of obtaining funding from a major studio.

    So, its really not fair to get mad at an indy game developer because he can’t pack in GTA4-length gameplay.


    lol WUT




    Good gameplay, well worth the $15 (or equivalent). Yeah you’d get more time outta your money in a full retail game, but there’s plenty of ways of spending $15 for less than a few hours entertainment – e.g. movies (as mentioned previously), shitty games, etc. Bleh I’ve got so many 360 games that need completing…