Pontiac Trans Am 1969

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Moar Pontiac Goodness. This is yet another car I wish I had. This is the very first Trans Am that Pontiac built. There were only 697 of them. 127 were automatics, like this pretty lady, and only 8 were convertibles. While this car may have been one of 127, it is probably the only one left in its condition. All original, no molesting of the engine, everything is stock, no restore. It’s as perfect as a 69 trans am can be.

I surely wish I had it in my driveway.

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    Fuck, I just jizzed myself.

    Luke Magnifico

    Muscle car porn.


    omg i just blacked out a bit


    I have one of those. Only problem is that if you look at the top most pic, well that’s about the actual size of mine.


    This. Is. Sex. This is what I want to wake up to in the morning…

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