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    Communism can suck my left nut. Cause its not good enough to suck both of em.


    Comunism rules, man.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Communism is brilliant idea if you’re a dictator, and if you’re anybody else, a pretty fucking dumb one.


    It sux even if you’re the dictator. You have to pretend you’re not a dictator and convince the people (’cause it’s all about the people) that you’re not a dictator. That’s way too much time pretending and convincing.


    @nyokki – That’s the same problem with democracy. Expect with a democracy they all think they have “rights” and stuff so you have to keep them distracted with shiny things.


    Both communism and democracy work just fine in their purest forms… its when you add dumbass human nature into the mix that you get problems.



    Democracy is all about stripping the planet of every available resource while making the rich richer and making the poor poorer

    Communism is a good idea, it just needs a good leader – on that note, Comrades Putin and Medvedev could do a good job with it, they are doing a good job with the [neo paternal-autocratic] parliament in Russia today

    Nationalism can work too, it just needs a good leader as well


    Cheney agrees w/ you and keeps George busy w/ those shiny things.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Communism is not a political system, it is an economic system. You can have a democratic communist state just as easily as you can can have dictatorial capitalist system. I would actually argue that employee owned corporations are actually closer to Marxist ideals than most so-called communist states.
    In the ’80s, capitalism overthrew communism. In the ’90s, it over through democracy.


    eh, I know democracy isn’t perfect, but I’d MUCH rather live in a socialist state than a communist one. Fuck if I’ll ever have someone tell me what job I have to do, or how many (or few) kids I can have.


    Sadly , the income tax is part of the communist manifesto.

    Lord Cocksworth

    Fuck it, I’m just waiting for anarchy. It’s gonna kick ass, even if it’s a little rough at first.


    thanks reboot. you beat me to it. well summed.


    Whatever, y’all. That image is great.


    Communism is no good. It’s not so much the leader, it’s mostly the case that people don’t want to share. You milk all the cows in the village yet the village idiot gets as much as you do just by being stupid and not help you with the damn cows?

    Democracy in a capitalist republic is fine, It works better then most communisms.


    think of it this way…both cooperation and competition have driven some of the most magnificent advances of our civilization. some people flourish in one format, and others in another. Some blame it on greed when a competitive person is in a cooperative environment, and some blame weakness when a cooperative person is in a competitive environment. It’s really too bad they have to be exclusive.


    One way to highlight politics in an easy way:

    Communism: Ants Nest – one leader, everyone works as an equal and gets an equal share of the rewards, and those that cant/wont work are pretty much fked

    Nationalism: Army Hierarchy – set ranks of status in every level of society where everyone of the same rank is equal, and each of a rank level work together as equals and those that cant/wont work might be fked depending on how useful they could be

    Democracy: Seagull flock – much like the seagulls from the movie ‘finding Nemo’ where they fly around all shouting “mine mine mine’ and all work hard to be the first one to get anything for themselves, and like real life seagulls, the only real leadership is from the one who selects themself to be the leader by making alot of BS noise and chasing off any potential competition (*cough* just like talking BS campaign promises and fixing ballot boxes *cough*)


    @hvymetal: Communism is a form of socialism, and you can’t be called socialist if your intent isn’t to redistribute wealth, therefore some limitations will be required. You seem to be thinking of liberalism.

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