Vin Diesel likes Lovecraft

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Screenshot from Babylon A.D. Thought that the tattoo on his neck looked familiar.

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    I read an interview once in I think what was Time or something(I picked it up at school between classes) and apparently he’s quite the geek having several elaborate Dungeons and Dragons characters on which he has played for many years. It even said something weird around building a software program up around one of his characters.


    Vin Diesel is GAY. 100% homosexual. I’m not bashing him- he likes boys. I know, because he tried to hit on a friend of mine while making XXX. That’s why he looks so unnatural when he kisses women- they turn him OFF.

    He is not a ladies man- he is GAY.


    Gay or not, he could kick all our asses. We haven’t had straight action hero’s like Vin since the Arnold and Sylvester days. I’ve always had a juvenile appreciation for the muscle head action stars, and him and the rock are all we have left.

    And I’m glad he is gay, just means there is one less star macking on all my favorite starlets.


    and anyway… Vin is an epic D&D geek? That’s fucking awesome! I’d totally game with Vin Deisel.
    He gained just gained 1000 xp in my books.


    Vin Diesel has a daughter, born April 2, 2008, with his girlfriend, the model Paloma Jimenez.

    Oh right, he’s a faggot for sure.


    he did some porn. apparently he is pigeon-toed, and according to a porn actress, so big it was quite painful. have fun looking for it all day.

    … and gay guys do straight porn all the time and visa versa.


    : Elton John was married and had kids too.


    Well are there any sources? Besides useless celebrity speculation websites.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    He wrote the introduction to a D&D retrospective book.


    You guys are lame. The thread was supposed to be about Vin being a Geek, but you all seem WAY too interested in his sexual orientation. I’m pretty sure I know who the ‘real’ fags are.


    Is that a real tattoo or just art slapped on for the movie?

    I don’t understand all this black and white with sexuality. Maybe he likes women most of the time but likes a little somethingsomething from men on occasion.


    The tattoo is a creation of Khem Caigan, for the cover of the Necronomicon.

    Check out this thread here:

    for more information about the tattoo and its artist:)


    I’m with outofocus on this one. Human sexuality is nowhere near as black-and-white as some people here think it is.

    He’s an action star? Ok cool.
    He’s a D&D nerd? Sweet, so am I!
    He has a supermodel girlfriend and a daughter? Not uncommon given his action star status.
    He flirted with a guy? OMG BURN HIM ALIVE



    I don’t think anyone said anything negative about
    gays. Just debating whether or not he was. Which is equally stupid.
    Its a total non issue as the fact won’t effect anyone here. Losers I say!


    @diabeetus… who knows, who cares, amirite?