Epic Battle – Bacon Vs Tofu

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    Tofu looks like Mr. Peanut’s gay lover. Bacon just looks like he needs an ass whoopin’.


    Bacon definitely. Tofu is shit.


    I hate tofu and dislike bacon. YOU HEARD ME! But since tofu has a monocle I’m siding with tofu. TOFU FTW!


    I hate this fight.
    Bacon is tasty and slowly kills you.
    Tofu is disgusting and good for you. As far as the hype goes at least. Actually I should research tofu beyond the marketing hype.


    How is tofu disgusting? That’s like saying water is disgusting.
    Besides, tofu is really good for you (rich in vegetable protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B; low in fat and calories), and it tastes pretty decent with some soy sauce and maybe some rice.


    It’s the texture. You can dress it up with all the sauce you want, the texture is still gag-inducing. It’s like raw oysters or something. Foulness. Now Quorn, that’s the good shit.


    Boring old internet memes. Fuck bacon.


    The texture is fine to me. Have you never had jello?


    I think i will make bacon wrapped tofu… might not be bad…


    Tofu looks like ant shit compared to bacon. If there was a bacon God, I’d pray to him before every burger.


    Actually the texture is fine its the taste that’s nausea inducing.


    The pendulum stops here!
    Tofu is like jello that tastes like water. Nothing wrong with jello’s texture and nothing wrong with the “taste” of water. Besides, you could always cut up the block of tofu into little pieces and you don’t even notice it with other food.
    Man, such culinary pansies. >_<


    All the health freaks put so much thought and effort into meat substitutes. Stop worrying about every damn thing and get your protein as god intended.
    Tofu is a convoluted and tasteless way of achieving what chicken and fish have been since the dawn of time. Damn Hippies.

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